Morrell Supreme Field Point Archery Bag Target

Archery target is a traditional sporting part of our life. We like to practice our shooting target by using different brand model tools. From the popular archery brands, Morrell Supreme field point archery bag target is top rated. The USA made tool comes from all generation target practicing. Looks outstanding by its multiple colors and perfectly shaped as real archer shooting point. Most of the archer introduce this application. They like the target bag for its multi-layered density design. Professional need a bag which is most durable and stable. Morrell archery targets has an outstanding feature to stand strong on the ground for its 56.3 pounds weight. For NASP (National Archery in the School Program), the tool is ideal to practice from home outdoor.

There are big fans of archers on Morrell targets tools. They provide good archery equipment as target bag and bows, arrows etc. In the Morrell 119 best professional target bag, the customer gives 4 rating review. They like the tool for its outstanding quality and feature. I have on Morrell Archery bag target. It gives me high-level satisfaction by good target practice. Before starting my tournament, I like to use it to make shooting hand stronger. It made with long-lasting and strong standing feature. no doubt, I am also a big fan Morrell bag targets.

Morrell Supreme Field Point archery Bag Target

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Morrell
  • Model No: 119
  • Color:  White with multi-layer design
  • Dimension: 31*14*29 inches
  • Weight: 56.3 Pounds
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Rating
  • Special Feature: Multi-layer density design
  • Internal Frame System: IFS Technology
  • Weatherproof
  • Good for NASP Training program
  • Extend target life
  • Made in: USA

The Archer Like Morrell Archery Targets

  • All Generation of archery target bag that like to practice.
  • Best tool for deer archery target practice
  • Weatherproof feature, make longer life archery target
  • Multi-Layer spot, make feel to real adventure shooting!

Bestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
Morrell Youth Field Point Bag Archery Target - has NASP Rings, for Traditional or Youth Bows 30lbs and Less
  • Two shooting sides. Designed for bows with draw weights of 30 pounds and under. Easy arrow removal.
  • IFS (Internal Frame System) technology. Portable design. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
  • Weight: 18 lbs. Model: 109. Made in the USA.
Bestseller No. 4
Morrell Keep Hammering Outdoor Range Target, White, 29" x 14" x 31"
  • Crossbow/Compound Approved
  • Speed rating up to 380 FPS
  • Department Name: Mens
  • Material Type: Aluminum
Bestseller No. 5
Morrell Super Duper Field Point Bag Archery Target - for Compound Bows and Crossbows up to 450FPS
  • ARCHERY TARGET designed to stop high speed CROSSBOWS AND COMPOUND BOWS
  • HANDLE AND GROMMETS included for EASY TRANSPORT AND HANGING to extend target life
SaleBestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Morrell Youth Deluxe GX Field Point Bag Archery Target - for Traditional or Youth Bows 40lbs and Below, White
  • youth target allows for easy arrow removal
  • full 80cm target face
  • longer lasting and brutally tough
  • 40lb bow target
  • Sport type: Target Archery

Features Morrell Supreme Range Targets

Morrell is a top class archery target application and tools producer. They develop 119 model archer bag with their best quality and feature. For your profession, either novice or expert, it helps to make your shooting skill stronger. I used the tool for many times. It is really good and durable. Some features I like to tips you on your buying guide:

1. Multi-Layer Design: Morrell supreme range target is very useful to make perfect target making. It makes your feelings that you are at archery king tournament ground and play your role. Multi-layer design comes to easy visible and identifies your target. Lie a sports player, you can measure your target range.

  • Yellow Color targeted at 9 and 10 points.
  • Red dots for your 7 and 8 points target feature.
  • Blue color targeted as 5 and 6 points
  • Black dots for your 1 to 4 points target feature
Morrell Supreme Field Point archery Bag Target

2. Strong and Long Lasting Bag: Morrell is very good to known for archery target tool users. Their field point archery bag has 56 pounds weight, which stands like strong. Thousands of brutally shot not damaged or not fall down by heating speed. It has a nucleus center for maximum stopping power capacity. Handy best archery stand bag gives the archer to practice a long time.

3. Weather Proof Guaranteed by Morrell: Morrell Field point targets is 100% weatherproof. In most case, archer professional like to practice at field or outdoor at home. Internal side, the body built in IFS technology system. It keeps your bag safe from any seasonal rain, dust, water etc. The USA manufacturer uses the feature of your long time archery target. In my perspective, I used it too many times at field point. Different season , I practice with it. My bag is still durable.

4. All Generation Practice Offer: For every generation of the archer, love the tool to use. One of the best archery target for young, kids and all professional level. Adults are comprehensively like Morrell target youth archery target for its feature. they can make use Morrell crossbow target feature. youth generation like to make target form different supreme ranges from field point. To make a good target, at field point it is ideal to use. The great tool also like the young generation as best broadhead target bag.

5. Easy to carry and Set up: You just need to set up the bag in your suitable place. Perfect shape bag enables your easy stand-up. Beside the tool is only 56 pounds weight which not heavier for your daily shooting practice. The lightweight bag also liked the adults as Morrell youth target.

6. NASP Training: For your home training, this archery bag is really awesome for practicing. Easy to carry and multi-layered vision make aim shooting at the bag spots. The bag likes to archer for NASP training feature-which helps to practice well.

7. Great Value: Morrell developed the archery bag with many feature and quality. For your archery target practice, the feature gives you affection. You feel that you are in adventure real life. This offer gets by MLDD (Multi-Layer Density design) feature. besides it helps to make your home training as NASP. The weatherproof tool gives you more durability. Above these features, you can get one item. To provide features, Morrell 119 price is little higher rather than another brand. But the archer lovers never compromise the target bag feature with a price. The customer bought it, love, by its feature and rating it 4 stars out of 5. All item features offer you in one package for your smart archer profession.

Morrell is the top class industry which provides great archery equipment for the archer profession. I am a fan of the tool. It makes my arms figure stronger for my next season tournament. I hope the tool will satisfy you and grow up your shooting skills.

Good Sides and Drawbacks

Every tool has its own positive and negative side. I find many positive notes during my practice. Few issues get. Both part I like to discuss your tips:

Good Sides:

  • Weather Proof guaranteed by manufacturer
  • IFS technology use as internal part frame
  • MLDD Feature make easy target make
  • Make user feeling as they are at real archery game
  • Great feature tool offer affordable price range
  • Extended Life for archery target


  • No Broadheads for practice target
  • Field Tips hard to get out.


Q: Will this work with target points or only field points?
A: The bag works on target points well.

Q: How many shots can this target take and still be usable?
A: Good question. I have been used the bag for 2 years. Usually, I practice before the tournament. I like to make hundreds of shots in my routine practice, I hope it has thousand of shot durability. Your second part, you will get my answer. For 2 years, I use the tool and continue it.

Q: Can you shoot broadheads into this?
A: No, The feature not works and you cant pull out so.

Q: Is the target bag rated for crossbow use?
A: My experience says that the crossbow doesn’t work better. But you can use arrow, bows, wooden type better for your practice.


In my concluding part, I like to thanks Morrell for the high-value product for us. I like the tool and it gives me the joy to practice well. Best feature and quality tool help me to use for longer time. My  investment turns to me with positive feedback. Like me, many archers get the tool for their skill development. I like to suggest you, buy Morrell Supreme field point archery bag target. It will make your ideal target practice making with multi layer density design patent. The weatherproof tool helps me to use longer time. Best quality makes archery bags develop your aim target perfect. So get the tool for your field point practice and lead a smart archer professional life.

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