Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target

To make your shooting practice delightful, use Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target. You can use it all sides for passion shooting. Except for and bottom part, rest four team comes to your service. Who are the users? The hunting professional who have a high ambition to peak their achievement. Morrell archery targets specially create for your crossbow and compound bow service. Use at 20 to 50 yards as per your experience and age level. Its offer 320 to 400 FPS hit performance with hunting bows.

The target designed by four sides shot hit and two teams for carrying totes and set on the ground. Totes make more comfortable to take with two hands and bring it to hunting camp for your adventure service. It has 36.7 pounds that’s comfort for adults not for teenagers. They can use the transport system to carry on the field. What is the target feature? You get four sides which one side has six dots in two rows. Take your hunting bow with arrow, pull weight and length and hits on dots mark. Rest three hands for your adventure feelings creature where you can aim hit like you hunt a real buck, bull or turkey. To get archer signs for your hunting ambition, Morell stands unique.

Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target


Product Information:

  • Brand Name: Morell
  • Target Name: Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target
  • Model No: 137
  • Dimension: 20*20*20 inches (Perfect Square)
  • Weight: 36.7 Pounds
  • Material: Double duty vital sign
  • Designed For: Compound and Crossbow
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price Range: 70 to 100
  • Made in: USA



I suggest hunting professional beginner to an expert level of shooters.

Features of Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target:

1. Easy Arrow Removal: Hits from average 30 yards by hunting bow on target face. The internal side used sturdy foam where the arrows fed. Use your one hand on the shaft and rest on target to hold. Smoothly pull out the bolt, its come out and not affect target body.

2. Morell Vital Signs: It makes a new feeling in your hunting case. Morell offers four target faces were three used for real hunting face mark. Buck, Bull and Turkey core point marks draw for shooters. The three sides great serve the hunting shooters. Rest one hand works for archery shooting users, to hit from 10 to 20 yards.

Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target

3. Speeds up to 400 FPS: After mark draw weight and the length hits on target. At 20 to 30 yards, you get 400 FPS (Fit Per Second) Speeds. You can experiment the speed shot all four sides by use different angle. Trust me; its create a confidence level for the professional level. In real hunting world, where buck or turkey not stand like a statue, its move or walk. By this position, you have to change angle and mark point to kill object.

4. Quality: I rate Morell vital signs combo target five out of 5. During my practice session, it works excellent and never feels me it’s a frequent target. It has two benefits, one for archery shooters and second for hunting killers. Besides you get two years warranty. Which level of user you are, its benefited I tell you.

Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target

Good Sides:

  • Transportable
  • Pull out arrows by one hand feature
  • Hunting fresher become professional sooner


  • The surface gets a little hole after removing the arrow, too much practice can affect target face.


Q: Will this work by 30 pounds recurve bow?
A: Yes, it will work.

Q: Will it stop arrows at 20 yards from high-speed bows?
A: Yes, your crossbow at 165 pounds weight hits arrow will stop.

Q: Can you use mechanical broadheads on this target?
A: No, You can’t pull out.


Thanks for reading Morrell Vital Signs Field Point Archery Bag Target review. If you want to orient your level into perfection list, I recommend buying the target. Sonner, you achieve your level smartly.

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