Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Multi-Color, 16 Inch

The young generation like to play sports to keep their body and health fit. Archery is one of the golden sports events that’s come from a different production. To make a career in archery, the user need target, bow, and arrow. Mark helps to practice well at outfield to prepare for shooting sports or hunting. Field Logic offer Multi Color Target Field Logic Youth Block GenZ. They offer 16 and 22 inches size Block GenZ Youth Target. Both target offer under 50 price range. The target has a black color feature which has black totes at the top. It helps the user to smart carry and transport.

Field Logic youth block GenZ open target looks 3D archery targets which have five white aim dots which one states at center. What the body used? Many customers want to verify before buying. Field Logic Youth Block GenZ has traditional open-layered technology. By this, when shooter hit arrows, it stops by the technology used the layered body. So it helps arrow removal and keeps target long lasting. High-contrast white-on-black aiming points have 8 ounces weight. High greater visibility block archery target is worthy and top of present trends.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Field Logic
  • Product Name: Multi Color Target Field Logic Youth Block GenZ
  • Draw Weight with Bows: 40 Pounds
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Made in: USA

16 Inches Specification:

  • Model No: B51000
  • Multi color target Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Dimension: 16*17*7.5 inches
  • Target Measure: 18*16*18 inches
  • Price Range: Under 40

22 Inches Specification:

  • Model No: B50995
  • Target Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 23*21*9 inches
  • Target Measure: 22*20*8 inches
  •  Price Range: Under 60           
Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Best Fit On:

  • All ages and generation people can use the target. One of the best archery target that fits on all economic users.
  • The field logic youth block target used open-layered technology. It has two benefits: easy arrow removal and longer lasting. Best investment target with quality.

Features of Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Block GenZ Series is excellent used for arrow target. Used any bow and draw weight 40 pounds and hit the arrow on this target. Some of us we like hunting or sports event. Field Logic youth Block helps them to deer archery target. The buyers like field logic youth block GenZ open target feature and interested in getting one for their profession. What they get in Youth block GenZ? Let’s see in below:

1. Open Layered Technology: The element made target significant support for the professional user. They need much practice in field point. If they engaged in pulling out arrows, then they lost time. Also, it disturbs the beginners. To find out a solution, Block Genz used the technology. So the shooter can remove the arrow and can continue shots after shots.

2. High-Contrast Aiming Points: Block GenZ youth archery target has a black color frame where five white aiming points. The body works foam archery target where it looks best 3D targets. The hitting points are aiming so crystal that beginner or child even hit on target. Four small point side of the goal and one significant point in the center. So the user can run on multiple locations. The center target for better target aiming. The shooter can enjoy different target range and remove after use. Use angle with bow and arrow; they can make a shot on high visibility points and remove bolts after use.

3. Transparent and Portable: For smart shooter handling, totes places at the top. By this user able to carry and place. The both 16 and 22 inches has to offer lightweight, so children also move self and wonder in target practice.

Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

4. Field Tips and Broadheads: The user enjoys the target on field service. Youth archery target offers broadhead so arrows that stop on foam body. Use the bow and draw weight at 40 pounds to measure target.

5. Value of Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target: Today’s generation can make the experience with the target. Field logic youth block Genz open target offer expendable by smaller or larger the weight. The USA made mark good for the money. Get one and explore hitting on target.

Good Sides:

  • Open Layered Technology used for natural arrow removal feature
  • More massive aiming points at the center and small 4 points with great visibility
  • Cheap targets offer


  • The target is not fit for 300 or more FPS youth bow
  • Not recommend knives for this foam and plastic made target


Q: Would this be good for 75 pounds draw?
A: Not at all, try 40 pounds to draw.

Q: Will this work on BB gun?

A: Yes, the gun is perfect.

Q: Will this stop an arrow from a recurve bow with 35 lbs.?

A: Yes, that is okay work by recurve bow. However, you need to stay 5-6 inches closer.

Q: How big is it?
A: Bout a half and square. The dimension that offers two different size model.


In summary, Field Logic offer Multi Color Target Field Logic Youth Block GenZ. They offer 16 and 22 inches size Block GenZ Youth Target. is excellent to make the experience. Worthy price range from high-quality feature attracts the user to buy and improve aim shooting. I recommend the user to buy the target and lead become skilled shooter.

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