Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand

Why need a target stand? By Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand, they guaranteed IPSC cardboard targets best value market product. 8 pounds weight targets stand easier to lift and set on the ground. About the quality, its best material made so that users can use it for a longer time. By 40 to 60 range targets stand, shooters get power coated material made IDAP ISPC targets. It has 18-23 inches size which ideal for general targets. Heavy gauge ¼” thick steel frame with black powder coated finish material that’s weather and dust proof. Buy IDPA IPSC targets steel target stand and make your training frustration-free.

Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand

The only target is not enough to dedicate practice. The shooters who have the high ambition of hunting and tournament target archery shooting, they prepare themselves with all forms of the bow. Like crossbow, recurve bow, crossbow bolt. That’s built their professional skill from zero level to a higher skill level. So, only targets not measure shooters practice comfort. For crossbow, shooting target stands support hits like 300 to 450 FPS Speed. That may cause of fall down a target abruptly on the ground. That’s make training a loop hole. To avoid the matter, Challenge Targets recommend targets stand. For archery shooters, they bring Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand. They built it with the innovative design so general targets can attach by the center and fix up. Its clay target holder that supports targets and quick attach. So the target stands at shooters ideal place and they can properly concentrate on marks.

  • Manufactured By: Challenge Targets
  • Brand Name: Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand
  • Adjustable Width: 18-23”
  • Material: Powder Coated Finish
  • Colour: Black
  • Heavy Gauge Steel ¼” thick steel frame made
  • Support paper targets as well as cardboard targets
  • Weight: 8.2 Pounds
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Recommend To: 

The shooters and hunters especially who are serious about the profession. It brings three benefits:

  • Save valuable time in training
  • Remove frustration
  • Durable for long time service
Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand

Features of Target Stands

1. Adjustable Width: The law enforcement works here ideally here. You get 18-23” width so you can adjust your specific target into the targets stand. Beside 23*18” footprint provides excellent stability in windy conditions so it easy to set up and shots on air with joy.

2. Powder Coated Finish: For your first experience, you can trust on quality. Power coated finish that’s keep stand durable from weather condition. So brings lightweight tool whenever you wish and practice.

3. Spring Loaded Tubes and Screws: IDPA steel targets has secured by 1*2 wood furring strips in both directions. So it helps shooters to load by spring tubes and thumb screws. It keeps hand safe, save time and easy to set in USPSA targets stand.

Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand

4. Heavy Gauge Thick Steel Frame: The shooters most focus on product quality. In Challenge Targets, they find such quality in IPSC target stand. ¼” thick steel made target stand which brings two benefits – one it durable to use and second is fit for all targets like paper and cardboard to set. Another side is, it runs longer in shiny, rainy weather due to heavy gauge steel constructed.

5. IDPA Targets for Sale: By single word to say, IDPA target stand is good for the money. After buying the IPSC targets, you never feel guilty – that guaranteed. Range Pro Targets that bring the manufacturer. You can fit your paper or cardboard targets inside the target stand. Also loaded easily through spring tube and thumb screws. So it keeps your target stable and you able to shoot freedom on windy air!

Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand

Good Sides:

  • Target stands for sale volume higher due to quality built and service
  • Adjustable width made a stand for a flexible fit
  • Lightly weighted size
  • Affordable price rate


  • During set up – keep your hand secure from screws and steel frame, it may cause to injury
  • Price is little higher


Q: Will this hold B27 Target?

A: Yes, it can. You need to adjust the width.

Q: Is it durable?
A: Yes, heavy gauge steel constructed stand good for the money.


Thanks for reading Challenge Targets IDPA Adjustable Target Stand review. It will help your target shooting practice. IDPA targets helpful for training-its my promise. I benefited by using IPSC targets in my beginning and intermediate stage. Now I able to aim hunting at camping. Order soon and bring your profession at the top level.

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