Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling

Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling now comes for your service. If you love hunting and need to practice a lot, then braided strap target bow sling for your service. Practice at outdoor or hunting camp by using the Paradox Product Sling on bow and arrow for more extended training.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Paradox Products Llc
  • Model No: Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling
  • Color: Black/Neon Green
  • Model No: 67436
  • Dimension: 9*6*5 inches
  • Weight: 0.3 Ounces
  • Purpose: Standard Target Braided
  • Sling Body Frame: Harness Leather Mount
  • Average Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 20
Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling

Advised To: 
For archery target shooters and hunters who have aimed to become a professional. The bow sling built for st standard target braided straps. It makes easier to set bow and keep your arms and hands injury free.

Features of Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling

The professional and beginner need the bowsling to make their shooting perfect. Paradox brings archery bow wrist sling that helps their job easier. They need to handle it loose that make a proper force to shot on the target. It has leather grip bow for less noise set up. Also, if it falls on the ground, don’t get damaged. The unique feature of Paradox wrist sling it offers 100 camos. I like to advised to buy green neon color. It’s a color that suits a teenager to the adult crossbow and browsing users.

The good news in Paradox tool that, it includes a wrist strap. To practice on target, you may hit thousands of shots for your skill test. By belt, it enables you to grip more flexible so that toy and remain soft after practice. Beside bowling has rubber mount. It comes in a black color for both features. At the time of bow shooting, it needs to fix arms inside the rubber part. That enables to hit with little forward from your body. Its ideal to take 20 to 30 yards step behind from target. The package that also offers a stainless steel cone. It has the feature of the washer mountains. And the sling designed by leather. So that, you can pull in right way. It's not only good but also very cheaper. So it comes to make their profession lighter and smarter.

Good Sides:

  • The original design that attracts thousands of archers
  • Keep hand, arm and figure safe from rough shooting with bow
  • The meagre price that affordable for self or gift to anyone.


  • If beginner holds the rubber part too tight, then their finger can heart.
  • The product contains chemical. That restricted to some states of California.


Q: Is it durable?
A: Yes but there is no warranty feature. But it works well.
Q: What are the dimension of the bowling?
A: It has 10*4.5*1 Inches

In summary, Paradox Products Paradox Bow Sling is analytical archery instrument for hunting. The feature charge cheap rate, so a fresher able to get rid their skill and bring their hunting service at higher. Buy it; I hope its benefited you on top.

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