Paradox Products Standard Target Bowsling

Archery target is great entertainment in our life. To become an archer, we need instruments. Paradox Products Standard Target Bowsling developed by Paradox. It comes to make our shooting capability easier. Why comes bowsling in archer world? For your question answer is, it helps to grab your bow tight. At the time of shooting an arrow on target with a bow, it can fall down on the ground. Also, it can affect your hand skin. By using a bowsling, you can put it strongly the bow with a finger and save your hand. What’s the new in Pape's Paradox Bowsling?

PARADOX Products Standard Target Bowsling
  • The Standard Bow slings are the original design that for more than ten years has been the choice for thousands of archers
  • The Syncing is constructed with a scent-free black rubber mount
  • The PBSL series slings are constructed with harness leather mount and packaged with a stainless steel cone washer for mounting

In words to say, they bring target color combination with 100 camos. The archery wrist sling design is unique in the competitive market. Lightweight that keep inside bow set or case. For 10 years or longer, the archer number 1 choice bow sling!

Product Description

  • Manufacturer Name: Paradox
  • Model No: PBSLT-35 (Yellow) and PBSLT-37 (Orange)
  • Dimension: 10*4.5*1 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 Ounces
  • Rubber Body Frame: constructed with a scent free. It has black color.
  • Sling Body Frame: Harness Leather Mount
  • Average Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
Paradox Products Standard Target Bowsling

Advised To

The archer of sports and hunters. For their smart shooting with the bow. It helps their hand and arms safe from injury during shooting on target. It gives them to shot with a proper distance from body and head. So they can see the target clearly and use shot that less vibrate and not fall down on the ground.

Feature of Bow Wrist Sling

The professional and beginner need the bowsling to make their shooting perfect. Paradox brings archery bow wrist sling that helps their job easier. They need to handle it loose that make a proper force to shot on the target. What happened them who not use a bowsling? They grip the bow so tight that it vibrates too much. Also, it falls down on the ground. Hope the user can understand the importance of bowsling. The special feature of Paradox wrist sling it offers 100 camos. Also comes with two different colorful PBSL slings. Solid neon designed yellow and orange color that unique from different brands. They produce an original design that attracts the archers.

Paradox Products Standard Target Bowsling

The important part of bowsling has rubber mount. It comes in a black color for both features. At the time of using the bow for shooting, it needs to fix arms inside the rubber part. So that you can hit with little forward from your body. The package that also offers a stainless steel cone. It has the feature of the washer mountains. And the sling designed by leather. So that, you can pull in right way. The archer like to use the bow slings compound bows from 10 years or longer. It's not only good but also very cheaper. So it comes to make their profession lighter and smarter.

Bestseller No. 1
PARADOX Products F3 Braided Target Bowsling, Red/Black
  • Many of the 34 models are built using par cord colors unique to these slings
  • Knurled thumb screws for easy adjustment
  • Unique offset mounting holes for right or left hand bows
Bestseller No. 2
PARADOX Products Standard Target Bowsling, Solid Neon Orange
  • The Standard Bow slings are the original design that for more than ten years has been the choice for thousands of archers
  • The Syncing is constructed with a scent-free black rubber mount
  • The PBSL series slings are constructed with harness leather mount and packaged with a stainless steel cone washer for mounting
Bestseller No. 3
Paradox Products Sg Series Target Bow Sling Black/Neon Orange
  • SG Series Target Bow Sling Black/Neon Orange
Bestseller No. 4
Paradox BowSling, Black
  • Firm braided cord
  • The material remains quiet and functional in any environment
  • Stays in an upright position
Bestseller No. 5
STOTOY Electronic Targets for Nerf Guns, Running Shooting Target Scoring Auto Reset Digital Targets with Track, Practice Toys with Moving and Static Modes, Ideal Gift Toy for Kids-Boys & Girls
  • 【 Funny Static Mode 】 Nerf's target LCD digital scoreboard can display the score. Hit one target to get one point . The 4 targets will automatically rebound into position when all are hit down, so you can enjoy the fun of shooting without interruption. If the score exceeds 60 Points (Game Over), the scoring screen will be reset to 0. The static mode of the target allows you to better practice shooting or have a fun shooting game with friends.
  • 【 Updated Moving Mode 】 The mobile base is spliced by six tracks, you can choose to turn off (static mode), low speed and high speed. There is a five-second delay for the motor to start, or the railcar can be placed on both sides of the track to start immediately. Railcars will automatically return when they reach both ends of the track. The updated mobile mode can not only further exercise the child's shooting accuracy, but also exercise the child's concentration ability.
  • 【 Realistic Sound and Light Effect 】 The electric scoring target has flashing lights and four different gunshots, accompanied by simulated gunfire and broken glass, lively sounds, and responses to each dart hit and light effects, thereby giving children a real shooting experience. Compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite, Nerf Mega, and Nerf Rival series guns and other brands of guns. The shooting target is so excellent and funny that your child can play indoors or outdoors.
  • 【 High Quality Material 】 The goal of children's shooting games is made of plastic. Non-deformable, safe, suitable for children to play. It is easy to carry, and it is convenient to use in indoor and outdoor environments. Fun target for Nerf guns party, home party supplies or outdoor-fun with parents.
  • 【 Perfect Toy Gifts for Kids 】 Electronic gun target toys are suitable for boys and girls of all ages to use indoors or outdoors! Packed in colorful boxes, it is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Children's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year. Enjoy it! If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us, and we will make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Bestseller No. 6
VNAKER 1pc Round EVA Arrow Target, Portable Youth Archery Arrow Target for Shooting Practice (Black)
  • 【Product Name】VNAKER round EVA arrow target for arrow hunting practice game.
  • 【Package Content】1pcs round EVA arrow target, 2pcs Adhesive Target.
  • 【Perfect Size】9.8 inches in diameter and 1.2 inches thick. Designed for archery, hunting and shooting enthusiasts, best choice for them.
  • 【Product Advantages】Self recovery EVA foam, which can return to the original state easily. Lightweight and portable, suitable for indoor, outdoor and yard.
  • 【High-Quality Customer Service】VNAKER is willing to provide every consumer with high-quality customer service and shopping experience. If you have any questions during shopping, please contact us in time. Thanks.

Good Sides:

  • Keep hand, arm and figure safe from rough shooting with bow
  • Original design that attracts thousands of archers
  • The very low price that affordable for self or gift to anyone.


  • It may take time to shoot. Because it needs to wear properly to hit.
  • If beginner holds the rubber part too tight than their finger can heart.
  • The product contains chemical. That restricted to some states of California.


Q: Is it durable?
A: Yes but there is no warranty feature. But it works well.

Q: What are the dimension of the bowsling?
A: It has 10*4.5*1 Inches

In summary, like to conclude by appreciate Paradox Products Standard Target Bowsling. They bring a unique design for our profession. It looks so good that they have a big archer fan. Price is very smaller that also attract the new or expert users. It may take some time to shoot but its helpful. If a bow falls down after hitting, it can damage. So bowsling is essential for the archer. For your archery life, get paradox anyone colored bowsling with the same price. It manages your shooting skill and you become a fan.

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