Pine Ridge Target Stand

For my hunting and fishing case, I used several targets. Some of them fall on the ground after hit Arrow. Later I discover, it happens for the used target without the stand. I analyse archery shop and find Pine Ridge Target Stand. It has four legs by which its position and hold my target. The top part where I adjust the target to hang. After practice, I can fold out the legs for the store at my house. It's more comfortable for me to hits and saves time.

Pine Ridge Target Stand

Why Need Target Stand:

We used targets to develops our shooting strength. Best way to measure our skill, we got a target and set at outdoor. in general objective like for archery shooting, Block target is ideal. Used bow with arrow, a shaft with sights. For hunting and fishing, we need different bows like a crossbow or compound bow. The difference between shooting and hunting target, its FPS speed. Archery shooting customarily used around 50 to 250 FPS speed with arrow and shaft. But for hunting and fishing, you need to hit 250 to 400 FPS speed shot with an arrow, bolts.

Why I discussed the issue? It's clear the complexity of target holding. Yes, ​archery shooting target stand may support average 100 FPS shot but hunting bow, the target may fall on the ground after 275 plus FPS shot. What do to then?  To cleat shooters stress and make training more concentrate, Pine Ridge Target Stand introduce at the market. Your hunting target can set within 5 minutes. Pine Ridge is a target stand where you get   31*19*2 inch as width, height and length to fits your standard destination. What size of the target can adjust? You can set 40lbs weight target on the stand. 40lbs by weight and 24lbs width. The legs can measure 42 inches to set the target by the size of weight and feet. By setting, it does lighten your training.

Target Stand Information:

  • Brand Name: Pine Ridge
  • Stand Name: Pine Ridge Target Stand
  • Material: Powder Coated Paint
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 31*19*2 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.7 out of 5.0
  • Price: Between 30 to 40 Range

Good Sides:

  • Hold your target constant and reduce sharp fall down.
  • Detachable legs easier to carry, place and store
  • Cheap price rate offer


  • It doesn’t come with target bag.
  • The material is low quality made, which not durable


Q: Does the stand fold up?
A: Yes, quite comfortably it can fold and spread out at 42”.

Q: How high will the target be suspended?
A: I have to measure from the bottom of the bag being at 1” off the ground.

Q: Can this hold 12”kit?
A: Not so, you can use 1” small rope for hanging the bag.


In summary, Pine Ridge Target Stand review will help the novice to smart set and use. Price is on average, so it's better to get it and make your hunting session lighter. Its cause your high speed shot support and pay attention to your hitting skill. Order today and practice without stress.

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