Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain

For better shooting and performance, also need to experience with a broadhead. Archery shooters have to adapt with a crossbow by practice and practice. The killers have to take their profession in a better way. According to our broadhead market analysis, Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain. The archery broadheads are best broadheads 2016 for its quality technology. It improved shock collar technology which censures proper blade retention. For better practice and adapt for bow hunting, Rage best broadheads for deer. It includes free practice head to ensure you will be on target when it counts. Expandable broadheads which renown as best turkey broadhead and comes to as cheap broadheads. Need to invest 60 range price in designing your shooting profile.


Product Description:

  • Manufacturer: Rage
  • Broadhead Name: Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Dimension: 2.5*2.3*0.2 inches
  • Model No: 65100
  • Massive leading edge blade, razor-sharp 035” stainless steel made blades
  • 2” cutting diameter and 100 grains broadhead
  • Improved shock collar technology
  • Free practice head includes
  • Leading evolution in mechanical broadhead
  • Price Range: Under 60
  • Average Product Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0


Recommend To:

The crossbow shooters and bow hunting users. Rage, the manufacturer, provide best accuracy broadhead which channels are legendary. Choose best-fixed blade broadhead reliability for your perfect job, choose Rage.

Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain

Features of Rage Bow hunting Xtreme

1. Precision: want to make your shooting perfect? Then pick Rage broadhead in blind eyes. Its accuracy provides by wound channels are legendary. Set your bow for deer or animal hunting – it makes you're shooting a class.

2. Massive Leading Edge Blade: Quality F.A.T built that promotes aerodynamic technology flight. It’s introduce large leading edge blade which has 2” cutting diameter so that you can set you any sized or brands bow. Besides, it includes 100 grains featured broadhead and .035 thick stainless steel with improved shock collar technology which ensure proper blade retention. Also, add slip cam design with unique chisel tip blade for bone busting with razor sharp edges offer smooth set on the bow. So light to fit and enjoy your shooting.          

Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain

3. Practice Makes to Perfect: Fixed blade broadheads that made in stainless steel, with a free practice head. So it saves your time to easy set and keeps accuracy shooting with rhythm. Also fixed broadheads easier to shoot with a crossbow. A mechanical broadhead that’s best in archery shop which ensures your practice and hunting colourful.

4. Leading Mechanical Broadhead: The hunting broadhead especially recommends for bow hunters. Mechanical broadheads make your shooting profile smoother. The no.1 rage that’s featured by their quality broadhead. Use it and fix youth shooting skill.

Good Sides:

  • Mechanical broadhead ideal for beginner to professional practice
  • Fix shooting accuracy – good support rage Xtreme broadhead
  • Low price


  • In some package, practice heads are missing – that complain comes by users. The manufacturer needs to focus this issue
  • No practice tip add


Q: Will this suitable for a crossbow?

A: Yes, it will but not for all brands crossbows.

Q: Can I use broadhead on crossbow at 355 FPS?

A: It used and supported up to 375 FPS.

Q: What colour are they?

A: They are dull yellow

Q: How many broadheads come in the pack?
A: 3 pieces come


Thanks for reading Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain review. Best broadhead does your shooting project at a higher level. Three quantity comes for perfect practice. Smooth and excellent shape easier to set with a bow. Cheap investment wonderfully defines your bow hunting career.

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