RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Hunting and fishing is a class art profession. It develops after longtime practice. For practice in high commitment, professional looks toward best archery bow. The beginner also enjoys the field point event. To make practice session lighter, favourite brands introduce the best bow with archery instruments. But which one to select among top brand? We can solve the part by analysing product quality and customer review. from my experiment; I used Predator Archery made RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit. The reason behind its help my aim hunting profession. I can draw 30 to 70 pounds weight to measure crossbow shot on target from 30 yards quickly. The other reason, I get five pin sight for long distance shot practice. The full package includes biscuit rest, W string Stop for perfection hitting. Adjustable bow sights offer a standard price with high quality.

Best archery sight helps my project a lot. Cams made by machined process aluminium with zero plastic case that’s easier for all shooters to use on event as well as future. Bow hunting sights like yo use almost all best compound bows. The right-hand bend used can set ideal length and draw weight as per feature mentioned. Made in USA bow limbs comes to 100% guaranteed return within three months. Bring Predator Archery Raptor compound hunting bow kit for your hunting as well as for gift your friends.

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Why is Predator archery raptor compound hunting bow kit is the Best?

  • Machined aluminium material cams used for smooth grip
  • Perfect for archery target practice. It can measure 24.5-31” length and 30-70 pound weight. Release Raptor bow after pulling to get 315 FPS (Field Per Second) speed.
  • Lightweight size at 7.1 pounds that more comfortable for 12 years to professional user to carry.
  • Predator raptor compound bow review - it has Five adjustable pin sight, each pin can set individually on a hunting bow. Used range the bow sight pins as 10 to 50 yards. Example: first pins from 10 yards, seconds from 20 yards, like fifth from 50 yards. Mark with bow quick and hits on target.
  • Set arrow 350 grain for broadhead to hits 315 FPS shots.
  • Except for arrow, you get whisker biscuit rest and bow stringer to practice like professional. Its trained you how to handle and use on target.  
RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Raptor Compound Bow Feature Highlight

Predator Archery used the best materials to introduce the best compound bow sights. The beginner, intermediate user and professional hunters like its feature and quality. Compound designed to offer 75% less weight. Like if you pull 70 pounds draw weight on the bow, its lighted as 17.5 pounds. When you shoot 30 Pounds, Raptor archery used bows weight get 3.6 pounds! Besides the arrow pulling is risk-free. Trophy Ridge arrow rest easier to set arrow placement and pulling. Such a project orient tool makes the shooters job at field point training with a stress-free. It makes my experiment sweet. The bow sights reviews come from a customer who rated at 4.3 out of 5.0.

1. Adjustable Bow Sight Light: Five-pin bow sight set on archery bow case individually. Pin sight function installed, so you need to set pin on sight. Each pin has a different purpose. The first pin you can hit from 10 yards-that perfect for children practice. The second pin adjusts for 20 yards hit range. It's ideal for teenager adventure. Third pins set for 30 yards, that’s perfect for a regular hunter. Fourth bow sight set for 40 yards range, to measure skill. Fifth pins used for 50 yards range to hit on raptor compound bow kit target. Single pin adjustable bow sight offer shooter to practice on high. The pins lighted, so easy to measure on dark spot. Useful compound bow parts make glorious your job.

2. Best Hunting bow Offers 315 FPS: The severe hunting and fishing shooter grab it for its high feature. Perfection job maker that provides accurate speed to kill the animal. By using 24 to 31” length with 30 to 70 pounds weight by hunting bow, mark on deer body. How to apply pressure and height? Its entirely depends on how far you stand from the target. It can determine by feature, at 20 to 30 yards perfect to get fastest compound bow 315 FPS shot. Besides you can use the axle to axle length to measure your bow light. By pulling 30 pounds and 24” length, it can be 3.6 pounds. By pulling 50 pounds and 28” in length, it can be 10.2 pounds. By pulling 70 pounds and 31” length, it can be 17.5 pounds. The compound design makes lighter your bow up to 75% lower. It's charming my training!

3. Good Quality Accessory: Raptor best youth compound bow also known as the best bow from a customer point of view. Recurve bow limbs made in the USA that wonderfully manage many beginner hunter converts into the expert level. By using the accessories, it makes lighter to handle. For compound bow hunting, professional need archery scope and bow scope. That met by lighted bow sights. Also, offer rest for compound bow release. It keeps shooters hand safe and stress-free shoot. Stabiliser offer for comfort hit arrow from a crossbow. Peep sight and loop installed as a pack, so shooter needs to set only bow pins sight, stabilizer and rest. one of the best hunting bows 2022

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

4. Hunting Bows For Sale: Traditional longbows patented hunting bow used by many shooters and pick their level. It comes under 250 price range, that looks little higher. By compare quality, customer review and feature, its good for the money. The customer rated it 4.3, but I want to rate it 4.9 out 5.0. One of the project orient crossbows can make hunters shooting stylish.

Good Sides:  

  • The high-quality material used a bow, which great use at hunting camp, backyard and real adventure project.
  • Accurate shot measurement purpose offers five bow pin sight, adjustable feature-length and weight. The function can customize set, so any level of shooter enjoys the featureful best bow for deer hunting.
  • It works faster and smoother.
  • Durable crossbow for all season service
  • Good investment tool
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • A feature that mention for right-hand users, lefty users miss the excellent function. I recommend manufacturer to bring left-hand feature crossbow.
  • Not recommend children to practice. Their hand can injure at the time of pulling draw length and weight.
  • Price is little higher seems but compare with quality, its good for the money.


Q: Does this come with sight?
A: Yes, you get the first sight.

Q: How do you adjust draw length?
A: It needs to adjust by screws on cams. Beside inside box, you get user manual to guide yourself.

Q: What are the limbs and riser made?
A: The full set made in the USA.

Q: Can 5.4-inch height person use it?
A: Yes.

Q: Am I able to hunt deer with the bow?
A: Absolutely.


Thanks for reading Predator Archery made RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit review. It manages my hunting case. Hope it will do the same for your turn. High-quality aluminium made crossbow give you service for a long time. Your practice session passes wonderfully by RAPTOR hunting bow. Order now to create a new experience!

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