Rinehart 3D RhinoBlock Target

Target shooting gives us joy. It’s a great part of entertainment in our life. But some people take the entertainment as a life profession. They build their aim in archery target. For this, they need to adapt to archery instruments. Target is one of the important parts of archery that helps to practice well on point mark. In the competitive world, there are popular brands are comes for our service. The Morrell, GlenDel, SAS and many more. Rinehart Targets is one of the top brands of the target. In their cart, Rinehart 3D RhinoBlock Target, model 38079 has top feature made. It makes shooter feelings about 3D vision. Rinehart 3D targets have 6 sides to practice from different angles. 40 high visible target zones come with 2 pull side. Each side looks 3D that make easy to practice.

Rinehart Rhinoblock now available with its updated version. It added replacement target insert feature. That makes the sports and outdoor tool more durable. The animal hunting shooter most likes to use for their golden job. 3D compact design shape that makes their practice session live. “Real Life” feature feelings during practice. The expert like to use and recommend to the beginner to meet their skill development. Reinhart, not charge price at high. Under 200 budget, bring the useful target to make your dream true.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Rinehart Target
  • Product Name: Rinehart 3D RhinoBlock Target
  • Model No: 38079
  • Dimension: 17*17*14 inches
  • Measuring: 16*16*13 height inches
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Color: Black the body and Green the Target dots/point
  • Specification: Rope handle (Yellow Color at the bottom), Animal Body shape. Also 6 sides with 3D “Real Life” target practice.
  • Average Customer Review: 3.8 out 5
  • Made in: USA

Recommend To:

The beginner and expert both level of archery shooter. Especially recommended for the hunting shooters.

Features of 3D Block Archery Target

From the different brands and model, Rinehart block target has some unique specification. That why it has a high volume of sale in the market. To select your ideal target for your profession, this model is very strong. Its make easier your product research. Let see some key feature part of buying tips:

1. Portable and Durable: When we buy any product, we measure product weight and quality part. By Rinehart targets, you get 38079 as portable and durable for your service. It’s known as lightweight for 19.6 pounds. For your smart carrying, at the bottom, you get rope handle. Use your hands to carry at the field or outdoors to practice. The body made with “self-healing” foam, thousands of shots not affect. By one target, you get 2 benefits for your longtime service.

2. Real Life 3D Design: Today's generation most like a 3D visible target for their shooting. It helps them to measure target point more accurate. Good news that the block target has the feature. The shooter can feel in real life adventure during their practice session. Which helps them to take part their events. For sports shooter, they can use the target for their hit, range, accuracy development. The hunting user uses it for animal hunting case. 6 sides which every part has 3D visibility. By 2 sides where 3D animal body part draw. So it makes easier for the hunter for their hunting project.

Rinehart 3D RhinoBlock Target

3. Insert Core Replacement: Great offer for the shooter. Rinehart added the insert replacement feature. Reinhart archery target uses it for long time use. Though thousands of arrow hitting, it's strength to stand. But for consumer concern, they add the feature. Also, for small targets, the user can use the arrow. The target is quite a large shape that has the strength to hold the arrow hit on the animal body. So the shooter can replace when they feel it has some defects and not proper work.

4. High Visibility Target Zone: The dimensional and measurement point is suitable for great use the tool. 16*16*13 inches height that easy to measure and handle. 40 high visibility – that means it has 40 target points. 6 sides target where two sides get 12 dots. 2 other sides get animal body frame. And rest 2 side has 4 dots to shoot. Amazing target where you can flexible to use as per your choice.

5. Value of Rinehart 38079 Model: By comparing with price, its standard range. The user can afford it to meet their professional goal. Rinehart Targets for sale also moderate. 3.9 ratings they achieved so far. 3D real life visible with 6 sides, 40 high visible target that awesome for all ages target shooters.

From the feature part, the beginner can get proper tips about the target activities. It helps them to easily use the multiple targets.

Good Sides:

  • 6 sides make one's perfect target shooter
  • 3D real-life feeling create. That increase confident at hunting and sports event.
  • Offer insert core replacement. By arrow hitting, it's generally not damaged. If though, the user can replace the core
  • Good to use Broadhead
  • Two 3D deer vital zones, perfect see the target zone. The small arrow can hold a thousand shots.


  • Price is little higher but compares with quality, its good investment.
  • Above 350fps with bolts and crossbow, not suitable for the self healing made foam target


Q: Can this use a crossbow?
A: Yes, You can use a
crossbow. At 350fps it’s ideal to hold the arrow on target.

Q: What is the weight of the target?
A: At shipping time is 19.6 pounds. After packing out, its 15 pounds (approximate)

Q: How many sides are for shooting broadheads?

A: All the 6 sides are compatible for shooting broadhead. If affect foam, that you can change the insert core.

Q: Does this have a removable insert?
A:  Yes, it does.

Q: Will the block handle 375fps bolts?
A: Not so sure, it’s better for under 350fps speed.


Thanks for reading the review. I like to thanks, Rinehart 3D RhinoBlock Target for their outstanding archery tools. In a simple word to say, the target manages our shooting skill and bring our confidence to a higher level. Multiple targets of green dots look like a 3D vision. 2 of the 6 sides has deer 3D vital zones. It makes easier to target the insert body. Which made by self-healing foam. Rinehart also gets an update to replace option the insert core. In the market, the expert gets the target for their ambition making. Lightweight target helpful for the beginner and expert. Price may look little higher. But the feature and quality comparison, the price is good for investment. If you need to develop your shooting skill, bring Rinehart RhinoBlock Target. Its smart 3D design made that help your job remarkable.

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