Rinehart Rhino Brute Self Healing Target

To become a proficient archer, everyone needs to practice a lot. For better practice, they need a target. A target that helps an archer to skilled in every department. Like shooting, hunting, and sports. So what target is best for today’s generation? Target is quite similar but has little variance. Some made with foam or some made of wooden or other materials. Next to plan budget – that varies from brand to brand features and quality. The top quality service provider offers a valuable quality target for our generation service. Among them, Rinehart Targets is a popular brand. They bring Rinehart Rhino Brute Self Healing Target. This quite lightweight at 22.4 pounds and measure target at 16*16*16 inches. 6 sides Rinehart 3D targets that make visible 16 white dots from 2 sides and 4 dots from rest 4 sides with big circle dot.

Rinehart RhinoBrute Target
  • Six sided shooting;Self-healing foam;High visibility aiming dots;For use with field points and broadheads;Rated for compound bows and crossbows

Why new generation choose it? RhinoBlock target user can explore their hunting skill. The Rinehart Brute Target rated for the compound as well as crossbows. The bows especially used for hunting case. High black 3D targets make easier to practice with white dots. To practice like adventure, the shooter can use it at field point and broadheads. Almost all arrows feet with this bow. Price is standard by compare product value. Self-healing foam creates target help user to practice for long times. Shot hit after hit doesn’t effect on the target. Rather it makes easier to pull out target form the body. All in all, beginner and professional find out their goal by Rinehart Brute target.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Rinehart Targets
  • Product Name: Rinehart Rhino brute Self Healing Target Manufacturer No: 18511
  • Model No: 38081
  • Manufacturer No: 18511
  • Dimension: 1*1*1 inches
  • Measure Target: 16*16*16 Inches
  • Weight: 22.4 Pounds
  • Material Use: Self-Healing Foam inside
  • Totes Handler: At top
  • Color: Black Body and White Dots
  • Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Rinehart Rhino Brute Self Healing Target

Best Fit For:

Hunting and sport shooter professionals. They can practice with broadheads, compound bow, and crossbow.

Features of Rinehart Rhino Brute Self Healing Target

Rinehart targets are suitable for archery professional of users. They can use Rinehart Bow targets with arrows. Children can use at the field with bow and arrows. Adult and expert can use crossbow and compound bow on the field to grow up skill for next season hunting and fishing. There are some points that attract the user to buy. Some light feature discussed in below:

1. Lightweight Target: The target has lightweight at 22.4 pounds. This is very easier for male and female user. The user can carry self and port to the field point. More than, for smart carry purpose, it provides tote handle at top. So the user can carry by using a tote and hang after use. So the target makes easier to carry and store facility.

2. Self-Healing Foam: Rinehart RhinoBlock used self-healing foam. So when shooting on target, arrows quick attach on foam. It protects the body and keeps user to pull out for next shot. In some arrow set, where 1 dozen comes to the case. So they can practice with them at one session. Also for professional, who like to hunt with a crossbow. Don’t worry, Rinehart crossbow target helps them to practice. So they like to buy and practice to become hunting and fishing expert!

3. Six Sided Shooting: The shooter and hunter like the target for six side’s 3D shooting facility. Total six sides which consist of many white dots. 2 sides have 4*4=16 dots. Rest 4 sides have 4 dots with one big circle. The big circle which has 5 black points. Black frame target with white dots that looks like 3D visibility. So with bows, practice well with joy.

4. Field Point and Broadhead: Archery user needs to practice at field point. It increases their practice ability. With broadhead, crossbow and compound bow, the shooter can explore shooting skill. Also, it helps them to practice in open place where they can measure target at 16*16*16 inches. By this, they can measure height, width, and length of target ranges. To become professional sports shooter or hunter, Rinehart Brute Target works awesome.

5. Every Type of Practice: Do you want to become a sports shooter? Want to take part in Olympic? Then you need a target like Rinehart Rhino Brute Target? It’s for all type of services like hunting and shooting. Set a target at field point and shot from a different angle. An adult can shoot from 20 to 50 yards or little more. Children can practice from 10 to 25 yards or more. By this they able to identify the target and experienced soon.

6. Value of the Target: Rinehart targets for sale get increased day by day. By their 38081 model, Brute target demand also get higher. Self-healing foam target is durable, easy to practice and pull out the target. More dots for different shots experience. Lightweight target offers very moderate price. The user can buy and built their profession in a smart way.

From feature, the user can make their profession in right path. Rinehart crossbow target as well as other bows support. It is useful for archery goal achievement.

Good Sides:

  • Durable Target – longer time to use for its self-healing foam body.
  • Hit hundreds of shot on target 
  • Fit crossbow, compound bow, and broadhead arrows
  • Male, female and adult, children (Above 12 Years) can use
  • High visible target zones
  • 350 FPS support by broadhead and 400 to 440 FPS support by new foam target.


  • Price is little expensive
  • Over 400 FPS can affect target foam.


Q: What is the dimension?
A: The dimension is 16 inches width, 16 inches length and 16 inches taller.

Q: What is the Largest FPS rating?
A: 350 FPS for broadhead and 440 FPS for new foam target.

Q: Can I use a crossbow?

A: Yes, the target rated for crossbow and compound bow


In summary, I like to thanks Rinehart Rhino Brute Self Healing Target for their amazing product. It’s lightweight, easy to carry with totes and use. The shooter in sports, hunter for seasonal hunting case they can prepare themselves. 6 sides 3D target is quite expensive but make one's profession into the golden way. The review and feature, help beginner and professional to easy use after buying. I recommend to the archer and hunter to buy the target for their smart profession development.

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