Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

We like to use best tools and services for our daily life. People are engaging in jobs and business. Some professionals make their presence in the sports and hunting segment. Hunting professionals need a proper tool for animal shooting practice. They like to travel from home to forest for hunting deer, boar etc. If you are looking for a target tool for your Boar hunting, then Rinehart Woodland boar 3D Target brings to your best shooting range practice. Thinks about why so? Reason stands, the professionals love Rinehart archery targets for its toughest crossbow and compound bows compatibility. As a proof to say, the customer review as 3.8 ratings for its quality feature. And the quality surf toward Rinehart FX foam body.

Rinehart archery targets is a niche target for the hunting shooters. Before their annual hunting project, they can measure their skills by practice the target. A boar target tool like real standing in front of the killer that helps to get a rhythm in practice. 21.2 pounds weight also helps to carry like a baby wild boar in your hand. In overall, for your hunting profession, Rinehart 3d targets gives you a high level of satisfaction.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Rinehart Target
  • Model Number: 265
  • Dimension: 24 inches taller and 39 inches longer by shoulder height
  • Material: Woodland outside and Signature Foam Inside FX Foam Body
  • Support Target: Compound bow,  Crossbow, Cross Bow Bolts and broadhead
  • Scoring Points: Specified at 10-8-5 scoring rings with Rinehart target clearance

Likes to Use Rinehart crossbow targets for: 

  • Tough Build to white stand shots
  • Easy arrow removal 
  • Extra-long shoulder height and much taller stand give shooter to make proper target.

Bestseller No. 2
Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target
  • TOUGH: Built to withstand shots from compound and crossbows.
  • MATERIAL: Signature foam insert Rinehart FX foam body, can handle target points and broadheads.
  • DIMENSIONS: 24" tallX 39" long.
  • SCORING: 10-8-5 scoring rings.
Bestseller No. 3
Rinehart 26511 Woodland 3-D Self Healing Shooting Target Boar - Brown
  • TOUGH: Built to withstand shots from compound and crossbows.
  • MATERIAL: Signature foam insert Rinehart FX foam body, can handle target points and broadheads.
  • Patented replaceable locking insert
  • Long lasting durability
Bestseller No. 4
Delta McKenzie Russian Boar 3D Target, Black
  • 3D target for archery
  • Approved for ASA shoots
  • Universal scoring rings
Bestseller No. 5
Real Wild 3D Black Boar Archery Target with ASA and IBO Scoring
  • Easy Arrow Removal
  • ASA and IBO combo ring
  • Three shooting ring locations on life size boar
  • Sturdy one piece body design with core remplacement
  • Suitable for all bow types including compound and crossbow up to 450 fps
Bestseller No. 6
KHAMPA 3D Boar Archery Target for Shooting Archery with Replaceable Core, Self Healing, UV Protected, High Density Lifelike Foam Archery Animal Target Shooting Practice
  • [QUALITY]: Designed to take a lot of arrows. Made of our high-density self-healing foam. Easy arrow removal!
  • [CONVENIENCE]: Features a replaceable core for prolonged target life. (To purchase a new core, contact Khampa directly.)
  • [LONG LASTING]: Extended outdoor life. This target is coated with UV resistant paint
  • [BRAND]: All Khampa products are high quality - check out our other targets!
  • [PORTABLE]: Camping, range, or backyard use. Tail and Body interlock together.
Bestseller No. 7
Rinehart Woodland Peccary 3D Boar Targets
  • Rinehart Signature Javelina Target

Features of Rinehart 3D Targets

Smart professional shooter fond of Rinehart woodland boar target. Real 3D visually provide them with a quality feature target making. So many of the new hunter and archer lovers access the tool for their aim job. For yourself, you get promise service by the target practice. From a different brand of the best 3d target, I like to refer you Rinehart brand Rinehart broadhead target for some unusual feature:

Lightweight Portability: Rinehart woodland target is fragile to keep and quick handling. The brown color made tool has only 21.2 pounds item weight and 23.2 pounds at the time of shipping. So you get it as a light tool to move anywhere with flexibly. Beside its 24*39 dimension, which helps to grab it in your two hands easily.

Scoring Rings: The customer like the tool for its three features or scoring rings. By this feature, the shooter can spend a long time in their practice session. Crossbow, Compound bow, and broadhead can use for shooting at the scoring ring. 10-8-5 make scoring points helps to find out your target. Scoring rings situated in the middle part of the Boar side. You can change the insert core when its life destroyed.

Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

Rinehart FX Foam Body: To keep Rinehart woodland antelope target longer and durable, Rinehart target blemished uses FX foam inside. It supports Brodhead and types of bows and arrows to make the goal. Inner part foam keeps your Boar body protected from different target hitting speed. Handy and smart Boar 3D target get more durable and stable.

Boar Hunting Project: The professional also like the tool as Rinehart 3D Boar target. Before their annual hunting period, they prepare their shooting skill by keep practice with boar target. So its ideal to use at field point. Thanks to the manufacturer for its lightweight at 21.2 pounds. When it simulated, it can 75 pounds measured. At field point, it can set up quickly and start up your practice.

Practice Anywhere: One of the significant advantages of using Rinehart full size elk target that its can practice everywhere. Lightweight Rinehart rhinoblock target xl easy to carry from home to outside. Small size too can come to friend circle and shooting party. Also, it can use at

  • Hunting camp – Deer Hunting Project
  • Club – Friends party
  • Backyard – Self-target monitoring and skill development purpose

Stops Arrows and Crossbow Bolts: In yourself, professional or beginner – you can start up with the best woodland target. Compound Bow, Cross Bow, and arrow supported tool offer you best practice service. After making your shots, you can also release the goal from the insert core of Boar. It becomes so for its self-healing foam structure. Rinehart targets for sale range even higher for this quality.

Value of The Target: Rinehart 3D targets for sale volume is rising every day. Their market demand increased day by day. Already they have 3.8-star rating again out of 5 by their top class quality and feature. Standard price offer in concern of all level of users, so they can do their practice up to mark. The professional's archer and hunter don’t compare with price. If you love to boar hunting, then Rinehart woodland boar target is highly recommended to you.

The shooter can get rid of their purchase decision by reading the features part. A killer always needs a target tool for their professional goal making. Keep practice; they can make their hand, eye more efficiently stronger. So, get most robust withstand 3D Boar target for your smart shooting career.

Good Sides and DrawBacks:

Good Sides:

  • 10-8-5 There are three scoring target points make a shooter to get rid of their shooting performance.
  • Crossbow-Compound Bow-Arrow, all type of target feature, can use
  • Portable function
  • Practice Anywhere-Field, Hunting camp etc.
  • Money for the target


  • Too much practice makes the target destroy sooner.
  • Broadhead doesn’t wise to use; it can affect the target.


Q: What does it item weight? I am confusing!
A: Total 21.2 pounds weight.

Q: Do you think a seven years kid can shoot at 10-20 yards?
A: Yes, I don’t advise to use for kids. Because the target has crossbow and compound bows type of target practice tool use, which not wise to use for kids.

Q: Will this hold up against modern crossbow shooting broadhead at 400fps?
A: I think it supports broadhead at 400fps. The product package also mentioned also.

Q: Can you use this with a broadhead?
A: Still I haven’t use broadhead. So I can't provide any information about it. But crossbow, compound bow, and arrow can use.

Thanks for reading the full review. I also thank Rinehart Woodland boar 3D Target. By using the tool, a novice sooner developed their shooting skill and jump toward professional life. Toughest built to withstand shots which keep the device durable and stable from a compound bow and crossbow hitting. Three range of scoring points is a colour feature of the target. Many archery shooters access the tool for this 10-8-5 points feature. Because at the time of hunting a Boar, they can quickly do their job. Besides, the foam made insert core can be replaceable for your long time use.

Quality made best 3D target may seem little higher price, but variety will provide your investment turn back to you. From a professional point of view, they buy the tool for their golden career. So do you like the feature of Woodland Boar 3D target? Want the target for your smart boar hunting? Then grab it and make your life handsome. No doubt, 3.8 rating review from the customer is a vital proof before your buying. Beside the light features offer you useful buying tips. I like to recommend you to buy the Rinehart Boar 3D target for your high ambition of hunting project. 

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