Rose City Archery Port Orford Cedar Premium

Welcome to our page. We present top brands archery set and instruments according to market trends and generation demand. A beginner archer first of all need to adapt in skill shooting with bow and arrow. An arrow comes to measure a shooters performance level. If arrows world class – that adds extra rhythm in performance. Rose City Archery Port Orford Cedar Premium Bare Shafts – is built in natural wood. Rose City Archery manufactured offer six features in their arrows and shafts.

  1. 11/32” diameter/30 ½” 4
  2. 11/32” diameter/30 ½” 6
  3. 11/32” diameter/32” Length 50-55 Lbs.
  4. 11/32” diameter/32” Length 60-65 Lbs.
  5. 23/64” diameter/32” Length 50-55 Lbs.
  6. 23/64” diameter/32” Length 70-75 Lbs.

Above packages manage between 120 to 180 price ranges. For new shooters comfortable choose option, we recommend 11/32” diameter/32” Length 60-65 lbs. Its comes under 175 price range and offer perfect draw weight for crossbow and compound bow shooting from long distance. Natural wood made shafts guaranteed high durability. We recommend all level of archer shooters to buy Port Orford cedar.

Rose City Archery Port Orford Cedar Premium

It’s a worldwide product which has rewarded as archer queen. Rose city archery arrows are so More then shooters able to spine arrow at 60-65 lbs. 50 counts shafts and wood made that’s why it’s great for long time service. 175 range price is a decent level. The investment is best by straight grain, elasticity and physical weight for perfect spinning. By comparing with other shafts, we tell you - Rose City Archery made rose arrows are traditionally best. It offers quick archery releases for beginners – this is a big plus point for their skill generating. For youth generation victory archery, don’t miss out the Port Orford Cedar Premium Bare Shafts.

Good Sides: 

  • 50 pieces shafts – offer longtime service
  • Natural wood made cylinders provide top quality service and durability
  • Best for training and practice
  • Several features come to as an option.


Price is little expensive

In summary, our recommendation to our youth generation and all shooting lovers to enjoy feature Rose Archery City Port Orford Cedar Premium Bare Shafts. Your investment show you ideal path and quick design your shooting profile. Best of luck.

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