Shiny Black Tiger Streak 28 Inches Hunting Arrows

Archery Target is a traditional part of our life. There are two categories of archery profession. One group is sporting part and another is hunting profession. The hunter like to hunt deer, bear etc for their professional ambition. To make the good target on adventure life, they need to lot of practice. That helps their hand more strong to perfectly hunt their perspective animal. For this hunting, arrows are very necessary. One of the popular brand – Shiny Black offer 26 to 34 inches size of hunting arrows. Shiny Black TigerStreak 28 Inches hunting arrow is key for all level of the user. Fiberglass used 28 inches premium arrows great joy to use with recurve bow for hunting. 360-degree rotatable nocks with all fletchers. Also, support all capture arrow rest and arrows target. All brand has not included this feature. More than screw tips help you to self-remove from the target. Only 2 pounds weighted too easy to release and keep practice longer. One of the best recurve bow for hunting recommended by expert users.

Shiny Black ® TigerStreak 28" Premium Fiberglass Hunting/Target Practice Arrows with Replaceable Screw-in Stainless Steel Field Point (1 Dozen)
  • Shiny Black top grade fiberglass hunting / target practice arrows for recurve, compound, or long bows.
  • 100 grain stainless steel field point excellent for hunting small animals. Screw-in tip also easy to remove from target or to replace.
  • 360 degrees rotatable nocks (fits even all-capture arrow rests) for any fletching alignment
  • Nocked, fletched, inserted and ready to shoot. For draw weight up to 50#.
  • Extraordinary durability for extended use.

Product Description:

  • Manufactured By: Shiny Black
  • Model Name: TigerStreak 28 Inches Premium
  • Body Frame: Fiberglass Grade 100 grain Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Rotatable Nock: 360 degree
  • Replaceable screw-in stainless steel field point feature
  • Set Comes To As: 12 Quantity (1 Dozen)
  • Customer Review Rating: 3.1 out of 5
Shiny Black TigerStreak 28 Hunting Arrows

Recommend To: 

  • The Hunting Professionals to develop their target shooting skill
  • Regular user – need the hunting arrow because it's durable and replaceable
  • The Novice gets joy to shoot for quick set up and shoot

Features of TigerStreak 28 Inches Hunting Arrows:

To make your hunting profession smarter, you need stylish arrows like Shiny Black Brand. TigerStreak 28 inches arrow develop your skill with good hunting bows. The customer reviews the arrow positive for recurve bow hunting. 3.1 rating feedback come from their user experience. Some light features notes written in below for buying your tips:

1. Durability: Top branded tool most of the user recommend to buy. For your beginning journey, you can trust on the brand arrow. 100-grain stainless steel made arrows great to practice or hunt at field point. So seasonal impact does not occur on the body frame. You get a durable arrow which can support a long time.

2. Replaceable: Good news comes from Shiny Black that 28 inches premium Hunting Arrows can be replaceable. Screw-in tips offer the shooter to release smoothly and easily without force. If the arrow damages, it can be replaced.

3. All Category Bow Support: The professionals used to with compound, recurve and longbow. If you are looking for setting up your skill as an all rounder, then Shiny Black 28 inches Arrow is your ideal niche. You can utilize all bows and improve your hunting capability. More than 360-degree rotatable nocks – so you can shoot from any angle. Also all category of fletches supports.

Shiny Black Tiger Streak 28 Hunting Arrows

4. Ready To Shoot: Every Professional grow up their skill from a novice level. When you start up a career in hunting an animal, you definitely find them to use. Sooner, you will be expert because of all bow you can utilize this arrow. The compound, recurve and longbow – everything support by one arrow. The arrow both sides are nock shape. Which ideally to use for shooting from all bows. So you need to insert and ready to shoot.

5. Arrow Full Draw Your Bow: The arrow has a much longer size which needs to draw up. The 28 inches arrow can touch the head or upper part. Before the shoot, it's better to mark 1 inches the front part. where it held the arrow rest part. If you draw the bow before setting the arrow, you can measure the target well.

6. Value of The Hunting Arrow: Shiny Black is branded organization who offer 26-34 inches different sizes of hunting arrows. In their 28 inches premium, you able to use all bows with best target arrows. 12 quantity enable to practice long. You can extend it too. 3.1 rated product offer cheap price in concern of every archery target lovers.

Good Sides:

  • Fits all arrow rest
  • Practice arrow with best recurve bow in the world
  • Stainless steel with fiberglass made arrow keep durable
  • Screw in tips easy to release from the target and also replaceable
  • 360 degree rotate – The user can identify target from any angle
  • Affordable Price offer


  • Compound Bows are not ideal to use to shoot with arrows. Because of its flight inappropriately.


Q: Can this tips remove?
A: Yes, you can remove the tips.

Q: Will this break if use compound bow?
A: No, The arrows are built in strong and good quality made. Actually, the problem is to use a compound bow. Because it not flies properly and shot not measure the target point.


In the circumstances, to make your hunting profession at higher, you need a lot of practice. To practice well, you need Shiny Black TigerStreak 28 Inches hunting arrow. It's better, durable, replaceable and extendable. Support all bows and arrow rest. Novice or expert, you get most joy to use. From reading the features part, it provides you useful information as buying tips. Also, make your product selection easier. More than Shiny Black is a brand organization who provide good service. To make your hunting profession brighter, buy the hunting arrow and make your life beautiful.

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