Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

Archery Target is a popular event part of sports and hunting. It’s a traditional game trend for the shooter. In the USA and Euro countries, where all generation like the event. Especially adults like to take a part in archery tournament as well as deer hunting. To keep practice level well, a target practice tool can bring more joys. There are many popular brands offer archery equipment for archer and hunter. Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target Review with Replaceable Core is one of the best archery targets among popular brands.

The tool developed by Field logic which looks like a deer stand in front of the shooter. 4 feet tall buck target easy to carry and set up for its 17 pounds weight. Also, the legs designed with skates. The target is designed for the crossbow, compound bow, and arrow type of target fits. From field point, it's better to target identification. After shooting, the user able to remove the all arrows from the bag. The USA made most durable feature liked by so many customers and by and they review the buck target at 4.0 rating. Top rated target offer affordable budget price for the archery sports player and deer hunting shooters. If you are a shooter, 3D Target is an ideal match for your profession.

 Product Description:

  • Manufacturer: Field Logic
  • Model No: G71600
  • Product Category: Sports and Fitness
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimension: 37.5*10*22.8 inches
  • Weight: 16.7 Pounds
  • Special Feature: 3D Buck Archery Target
  • 25% larger insert core
  • Legs of the buck designed with skates.
  • Customer Rating Review: 4.0 out of 5.0
  • Made in: USA
Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

The User Like Field Logic Double Duty Target For:

  • 3D Graphics type outlook design-make shooter to make a perfect target.
  • 4 feet tall buck target with ground skates design which has great stability
  • Replaceable insert core

Features of Field Logic Buck 3D Archery Target

The customer like the target for its 3D big archery target. Lifelike buck gives joy the shooter to better practice. Want a buck target for deer hunting? Than Field Logic brings a handy tool for your smart deer hunting project. One of the cheap 3D archery targets offers valuable features and qualities. There are some light features offer which make you a fan of the tool. They are:

1. Life-Like 3D Buck: Deer hunting project user needs a lot of practice by developing shooting skill. For yourself, if you buy the tool and get practice daily at field point, sooner you will get experienced. When you set up it, You imagine that you are in shooting adventure. The buck target has 3D visuality which makes your feeling that a 4 feet real deer stands in front of you. It helps to build more confidence and you able to make the good target on the insert core.

2. Biggest Target in the Universe: Field logic brings largest shooting target tool for your service. In this universe, you will never find out this type of taller tool. 4 feet long tool stands well on the ground by its skates design on the legs. The side and shoulder of the buck have 33 inches height. Also, the P and Y antlers size is 125 inches So when shooting on the buck insert core, it prevents to fall down. It can support 400 FPS (Feet Per Second) speed. For your deer hunting case, you can practice better.

3. Portability: 3D archery targets for sale rate higher by its easy user feature. Only 16.7 pounds weight helps to carry and set up at field point.

4. Bang For Your Buck: You can use a crossbow and compound bows for shooting on the buck insert core. Thanks to the manufacturer for 25% larger insert core. So you can practice longer and make your shooting skill on the mark. If it needs to change, you can replace it from home by order GenDel Model G71630 insert core.

5. Easy Visibility The Multiple Target Points: I like the bag color. Yellow and Green feature make your easy target identifying. The manufacturer uses Graphic visibility for user easy aim at the point. Multiple Target points help to practice longer time. The archer professional like the bag for thousand shot practice feature. At one phase, you can make 5 targets at the dots circle. Beside your 400 FPS archery bag designed for the crossbow, compound bow, and Airbow shooting facilities. With the bows, keep continue your aim target finding and practicing.

6. Stops all Broadhead and Field Tips Arrows: You like the buck of its arrow and bow target options. It makes to feel that you are going to hunt a deer at the field. Archery Sporting tournament also held at the field, open places. So you have to practice a long time at field point target. For your smart profession, with field tips arrow and bows, you can practice well with this bag. After shooting, foam archery target tool doesn’t hold your arrows strongly. So you can release it quickly from insert core and keep continue your practice.

7. Value of 3D Buck Target: Field Logic has 400 fps target manage your buck target stands like strongly. The smart feature makes the user practice well for a longer time. 4.0-star rating archery target for sale volume is higher. Archer lovers like the tool and give top review through their rating. Price of the tool is very much affordable which match your budget plan. So you can access it and develop your skills.

I like the features of 3D big buck hunter target. What level of the profession you stand-novice or expert, you would like the tool for your determination of aim target practice. It ideally makes your skill development for your deer hunting project.

Good Sides and Drawbacks:

There are some advantage and disadvantages stands in 3D buck archery target. You already informed about the features. For more information, I like to offer some key points for your buying tips:

Good Sides:

  • Extreme Durable for archery target
  • Extreme Durable for archery target
  • Stops all broadhead and field tips arrows
  • High stability, durability and portability feature
  • Worthy price rate offer for the archer lovers


  • Only Filed point archery target feature
  • The target is not so much sturdy to stand strongly. But it can support 400 fps target speed.


Q: Do this targets have replaceable inserts?
A: It’s a field point archery target and the insert core can replaceable. You need to order from GlenDel for additional insert core. After 500 arrow shooting, it can be changed or replaced.

Q: Do you want to order the stands for this?
A: There are 2 skates attach in the legs ground. So you don’t need to buy additionally.

Q: How hard it is? Can it be used for kid practice?
A: I believe that so! The target is for kids too.

Q: How long do the inserts last?
A: 500 to 1000 times to practice with arrow and bow. It's better to practice 500 times than you can replace it.


I like to conclude my review by precise Field Logic company. Thanks for their Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target Review with Replaceable Core. Lifelike buck 3D target is the best choice for the new and experienced archer. Without a tool, its difficult to management their skill profile. Who loves deer hunting, they also love the archery equipment. Standard price helps buy and explore your practice. The USA made tool give joy the present customers. You also can get joy for your aim shooting target practice. 16.7 pounds tool easy to carry. 33 inches height shoulder with 4 feet tall tool makes easier to make target. Stands strongly an support all formate of bow and arrow. The outstanding feature made tool make your profession exceptional shooter. So buy 3D Buck archery target for your profession and lead a smart shooter.

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