Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Turkey Target

In the 21st century, we have many entertainment tools and technology. Some of use choose entertainment as our live ambition. Archery is a profession which covers our show as well as our professional aim. So we need a target to measure our skills. Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Turkey Target is best to choose a destination which comes to our hunting project. Field Logic Shooter offer hunting targets for animals, fishing and birds. Many of us love hunting birds. For them, the manufacturer brings Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Turkey Target. It looks 3D targets design for shooters adventure level of service. The 3D archery targets built in strong material and add grounds stakes. So when shooter hit with bows, it stands firm and not fall. One of the best compound bow target for hunting birds. Real Look like Turkey target increases your skills sooner.

Turkey Target Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Field Logic Shooter
  • Target Name: Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Turkey Target
  • Model No: G71320
  • Dimension: 32.5 Height *32.3 Width *9.2 Length inches
  • Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Scoring Ring in Vitals
  • Ground Stakes to keep target standby on ground
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Price Range: Under 100
  • Made in: USA
Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Turkey Target

Who Need This?

The hunting professionals. For their bird's hunting project, they can practice at outdoor or at hunting camp. The beginners most suggest buying to measure their target hitting performance.

Features of 3D Archery Turkey Target

After reading the product specification, you get little idea about target performance. The essential elements offer in below for your best handling.

Weather Resistant: 

The target is built in weather resistant form so you can use at winter, summer or rainy. The body works with a robust design that secured dust, water.

Solid Body:

You can use a compound bow or other types for your performance measurement. Hits like hundreds of shots without stress, it keeps target durable. Before hits set arrow and hit on scoring ring vitals. After runs, back you arrows by smooth pulling. The durable body works that more comfortable your practice. Beside it built like the 3D design, which easy obvious the scoring points. The inner part where the arrow fed, its created by foam. So that’s easier for your pulling back arrows. The outside keeps substantial material use for weather resistant feature service.

Scoring Rings Replaceable:

If your target scoring ring gets older or damaged by arrow or bolts, then replace option available. The feature design as a 3D effect so you can mark the score points. For your serious profession career, this scoring part is essential.

Stop Field Points with Broadhead:

You get field point tips with broadhead feature. It comes with ground stakes that’s help to stand alone without the stand. More than it supports compound bow high-speed shot at 300 FPS. By broadhead, you can expand the surface.

Good Sides:

  • Lightweight makes more accessible to set at hunting camp.
  • Perfect for hunting professional and crossbow service.
  • Ground stakes save extra money by purchasing an additional stand.
  • Dimension ideal for all height and ages shooting service.
  • Affordable price offer in Turkey 3D archery target brands.


  • The target doesn’t support crossbolts
  • It doesn’t help more than 30 Pounds bow weighs
  • The stakes are not settled, during user set up, they find it difficult and sometimes the turkey targets fall down from hand. The manufacturer need to add handle and set the stakes for users job make lighter.


Q: Will this target stop a crossbow bolt?
A: Not for crossbolts, but it possible for crossbow and arrow. At 300 FPS to it can shoot on target.

Q: How to set the scoring rings?
A: It has two scoring rings which have to set on both sides of the turkey targets.


In summary, Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Turkey Target advised for the beginner and professional hunters. It comes with the moderate price level, high quality with durability and portability. Buy now and take your profession to a higher concentration.

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