Ten Point Universal Lighted Nock System 3 Pack

Today's archery world professionals intend to make them smart with archery instruments. For shooter of sports and hunter of animal both engage with different tools. Nock is important accessories for archery target user. It fits on the arrow, arrow rest and arrow shaft. The beginners get comfort to use an arrow with nocks. Why need nock in archery? The simple answer is, the shooter can hold arrow and index the nock. So they can fit with a bow and flexible use arrow on target. Do you Want a nock system? Then Ten Point Universal Lighted Nock System 3 Pack comes for your smart job. This not only well designed but also colorful. 3 pack nock set that fit on every crossbow arrows. It has 3 sides which every part looks LED feature. Patented Omni brite nocks that can fletch the arrow before insert on the bow. 1 Lithium battery comes with Ten Point crossbow set which runs 8 hours or longer. Very productive archery accessories that offer a reasonable price with high quality. The beginners highly advised to access it for their shooting learning.

TenPoint Universal Lighted Nock System (3-Pack)
  • Lighted Nock System
  • For Every Crossbow Arrow
  • Package of 3

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Ten Point
  • Product Name: Ten Point Universal Lighted Nock System 3 Pack
  • Model No: HEA 369.3
  • Dimension: 7*1*9 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Nock Set: 3 Pieces
  • Specification: Fit with all crossbow arrows
  • Battery Comes with the set: Metal Lithium Batteries (1 Quantity)
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.4 out of 5

Why Need Ten Point Crossbow Nock System?

The beginner may get confused about hearing nock system. The professionals make their path by keep practice with different tools. Like nock system, Ten Points lighted nocks is elegant to make a newcomer to a bright archery world. There is positive review comes from the present users. It manages their shooting development a high level. If you want to make aim shot on target than you need to handle crossbow, bowstring with an arrow. To handle arrow and nock efficiently, you have to learn below steps:

  • To pay more attention to target rather than too busy with arrow set up
  • This is Omni nock bolts which can measure your arrow flight. When you can’t ascend your arrow on target, a nock system help to do your aim task.
  • Ten Point pro elite bolts feature, that fit on all type of crossbow arrow. Also it suitable for bowstring user.
Ten Point Universal Nock System 3 pack

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  • S1 TRIGGER: 2-stage, zero-creep design features a roller sear system that sets a new standard in high performance crossbow accuracy; delivers lightning fast speeds up to 400 FPS
  • ACUSLIDE COCKING & DE-COCKING SYSTEM: Provides silent cocking and safe de-cocking
  • RANGEMASTER PRO SCOPE: Featuring mulit-coated glass for optimal light gathering, the variaable speed scope included lighted aiming poits for precision dow-range accuracy
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  • T5 TRIGGER: The T5 trigger has an advanced dry-fire inhibitor and auto-engaging safety. It is one of the critical components in making the smoothest shooting ever. It features a string latch design that helps in reducing friction and delivers a clean, crisp, and consistent break shot after shot
  • VX-5 INVERTED CAMS: The VX-5 inverted cams elongates the power-stroke and increases rotation. It delivers devastating speeds and lethal accuracy shot-after-shot
  • ALPHA-NOCK TECHNOLOGY: Custom Alpha-Nock increases string-to-nock engagement by 28% for excellent downrange accuracy
  • ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The Titan M1 is constructed with CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight durability
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  • T4 TRIGGER - Auto-engaged safety trigger features a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI) and an ultra-crisp 3 5 pound pull
  • ULTRA-NARROW - 9 5 Inches wide for easy to carry and store
  • LIGHTEST CROSSBOW - 5 8 pounds includes quiver and 3 XX75 Arrows in package
  • Includes Rope-Sled cocking device for smooth, easy cocking
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TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrows 20" .003", 6 pack
  • 20-inch carbon arrow with Alpha-Brite technology
  • Alpha-Nock features a deep bowstring groove, a large smooth radius base, and elongated ears; resulting in straight nock travel and precision down-range accuracy, while minimizing string serving wear
  • 400-grain finished arrow is designed for use on most crossbows that shoot a 20-inch arrow
  • Pro Elite shafts are inspected for strightness to within . 003 and hand-sorted for weight tolerance
  • Includes 6 pack Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows
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Wicked Ridge by TenPoint NXT 400 Hunting Crossbow Package with ACUdraw and Pro-View Scope, Peak Camo
  • VECTOR QUAD CABLE TECHNOLOGY: Eliminates cam lean - ensuring straight arrow flight and producing match-grade down-range accuracy
  • PRO-VIEW SCOPE: Featuring multi-coated glass for optimal light gathering, this scope includes lighted aiming points for precision accuracy
  • T5 TRIGGER: Delivers a smooth, crisp 3.5 pound trigger pull for increased accuracy
  • ACUDRAW COCKING DEVICE: Built-in cocking device draws your crossbow accurately with only 5-pounds of effort
  • ULTRA-NARROW- 6-inch width while still producing 400 fps and weighing 7.4 pounds
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TenPoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package with Pro-View 2 Scope, Quiver, and Arrows and ACUdraw(CB18018-5822), Black
  • Crossbow: measuring 6.5-inches Wide and sending arrows down-range up to 380 feet-per-second, this tack-driving crossbow is unlike any competitor at its price-point
  • Pro-View 2 scope: calibrated for crossbows that shoot in the 330 fps range, this lightweight 8.5-inch Aluminum tube scope features 3 crosshairs and four dots calibrated for 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-yards
  • Quiver: 3-Arrow instant detach quiver; ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket
  • Arrow: Three TenPoint pro elite carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Cocking mechanism: ACUdraw integrated self-retracting rope cocking device that reduces draw weight by 50%

Features of Ten Point Crossbow Bolts with Lighted Nocks

There are many novice shooters ask me how does it work? I reviewed them from my experience corner. Yes, I have recently bought nock out lighted nocks for my shooting development. I also like to share the review of your buying guide:

1. Design: It has LED feature of lighted nocks. LED runs with a battery system and it continues till 8 hours.

2. Installation of Nock: After installation of Omni Brite, the shooter can insert LED into the tale or nock ends part. They need to place nock by using a hand. It will connect with LED. When shooting with a crossbow with an arrow, it's generally inserted on target with high speed.

3. Arrow Support: By using bowstring for hunting case, the shot can reduce the gap and work with LED. Another word to say, Ten Point Omni brite nocks with arrow create a D-Loop. That makes the bond lower or upper case for D-loops. If there is a gap find than arrow shaft can push toward D-Loop. For Bowstring shooter, LED Activate by the same way of crossbow case.

4. Battery: The battery that runs for 8 hours. Its good quality made of Lithium Metal that durable and work fine.

5. Value and Quality: Offer standard price for smart shooters. As a novice, they can get the igniter nocks at their budget level and get 3 pack nocks with LED feature. The value of Omni nock crossbow arrows is top of the market. For yourself when you plug nock on the arrow, you found glues. It helps to attach nock with the end part of the arrow. Besides, it offers 3 pieces, so you can practice longer. You able to use crossbow arrows. And LED light, that’s so amazing to see! When shooting on target, it’s fly on air and looks wonderful to see. Patented design Ten Point Omni nock arrows work beautiful and offer worthy price.

Good Sides:

  • The nock system is very lightweight.
  • Translucent Omni-Brite Nock comes with a package that patented design.
  • LED Light that looks outstanding to see fly!
  • 8 hours back up battery comes with 3 pack nock system
  • The standard price that makes novice profession brighter.


  • At insert and out time, the place is smaller. So the user pay more attention to install the nock


Q: Are these an exact fit on Ten Points 75 aluminum arrows?
A: Yes, there is no problem. Ten Point feature is their all kinds of arrows can fit. Like carbon, your aluminum and shaft good support to install with this nocks. Remember, they known as universal nock system that it on every arrow.

Q: Will this work with the Horton AP070 MX carbon bolts?
A: Yes, it does so. But you need to use real carbon bolt.

Q: Will this fit on crossbow arrow?
A: Yes, it supports well with crossbow arrows.


In summary, I like to thanks for reading Ten Point Universal Lighted Nock System 3 Pack review. For your smart shooting profession, it’s universal and work fine. LED light with a patented design that looks great. The battery that comes with 3 pack nock which also gets durable. From feature part, a novice can install the nock efficiently. It’s unique and quality made archery accessories that help to build up your profession at a higher level. Don’t miss out if you want to lead a high-class profession.

Affordable price that makes easier to buy and make professional brighter. To become an ideal shooter, you have to practice with an arrow. By using nock with an arrow, it provides more strength in your shooting. I share the review from my experience part. I also tell you, buy Ten Point Nock system and make your job easier.

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