TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables

Bowstring develops our shooting performance. We need a bowstring to become a successful shooter. It uses as archery accessories profession brighter. One of TenPoint bowstring that manages your crossbow use easier. When you use a crossbow for hunting, you need a bowstring with a bow. That helps you to shoot from long distance to hit on target point. The bowstring is crucial because it makes the arrow flying smooth. After at top analysis archery bowstring, shooters get attracted by TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables for Titan HLX. It designed by laser HP, Pro Slider. It named as HCA-124 model no that comes to fit with:

 Fit With:

  • 5”cables,
  • 12” Yoke,
  • Fits 458 Magnum TL-4,
  • Blazer HP,
  • Elite Lite,
  • Elite QX-4
  • Elite X2
  • Huntmaster
  • Hybrid Lite
  • Laser HP
  • Magnum Extreme
  • Magnum X2
  • Maverick HP
  • Pro Elite
  • Pro Elite HP
  • ProFusion
  • Pro Slider
  • QX-4
  • Stealth X2
  • Titan HLX
  • Titan TL-9
  • Turbo Extreme
  • Turbo X2

TenPoint designed the bowstring with the features so that it runs longer and fit for shooters skill development. In another case, bowstring helps shooters in adventure life goal attaining. Also, it comes to a user’s budget plan, only charge 50 price range. To become an ideal shooter, grab it and develop your shooting skill.

Product Description: 

  • Manufacturer Name: TenPoint
  • Bowstring Name: TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables for Titan HLX
  • Model No: HCA-124
  • Colour: Camo
  • Material: Durable DynaFLIGHT 97 material
  • Cable is worn down from repeated use
  • Cable is worn down from repeated use
  • Price Range: between 30 to 50
TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables

Features of TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables for Titan HLX

1. Bowstring Design: Camo colours that attract the shooters. TenPoint Crossbow Titan HLX package built with DynaFLIGHT 97 material. It easy to carry for its 0.8 ounces and port at the field. It is lasting for a long time.

2. Replacement Cables: Titan HLX bowstring made for crossbow users. You get it inserted in the crossbow, when fragile you can replace it. By this, you not only save time but also get faster-shooting speed.

3.Value of TenPoint Crossbow Cables: The shooter need crossbow for animal hunting and bow fishing it fixes with the bows, with less friction. To solve the matter, you can buy TenPoint cables and replace. The high quality of material used, so it gets durable and better use at any season. To make your hunting profession comfortable, you should attach this to your bright career.

Good Sides:

  • The Bowstrings accessories that fit on a crossbow.
  • It can quickly replace and set on the bow
  • It makes faster shooting capability
  • Price is at a worthy level.

Cables can break after longtime practice.

Q: Can this item workable with a crossbow?
A: Yes, it works fine.

Q: Is it durable?
A: Yes, but longtime practice, the cable may break down.

TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Cables for Titan HLX is good for the money. It develops shooters bow and arrow perfect drawing and skill range shot development. Smooth shooting purpose TenPoint bowstring advised to all archery shooters. It lasts long and makes your profession brighter.

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