Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

The bow sight is an essential tool for our fishing and hunting. To make the professional job lighter, Trophy Ridge offer to react bow sight. It’s known as Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow sight, and it has high market value. By review customer point and market trend, we suggest the archery sights for right handed bow hunt users. They have to spend little time for their specific bow in the market. More than, Trophy Ridge offer best bow sight for hunting professionals at beginner, intermediate and expert. The reason is it produces low vibrate during draw weight by its Ballistix Copolymers System. Smart pin archery sight comes with five quantity that built with innovative technology feature. It works vertically to keep the process.

Beginners asked an expert a common question about the importance of bow sight in hunting and bowfishing. Bow sight help to measure more accuracy on that project and encourage a shooter to hit right target point. That’s why Trophy Ridge introduces the Smart-pin bow sight that works by advance tool-less micro click windage and elevation adjustment. Unusual best bow sight for hunting which has 4 ounce weight size and more comfortable to carry with hunting instruments. To accept my review, you need to learn Trophy Ridge React sight features, advantage and disadvantage issues. By analysing customer review and as a user, I write down the report for your best performance:

Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

Bow Sight Product Information:

  • Brand Name: Trophy Ridge
  • Bow Sight Name: Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight
  • Category User: Hunting and Fishing
  • Model No: AS845
  • Dimension: 4*7*2.3 inches
  • Weight Size: 4 Ounce (Shipping Case: 1.3 Pounds)
Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight


  • Colour: Black
  • Right Hand Bow Sight
  • Material: Ballistix Copolymers Construction
  • Five pins which size is 0.19 inches and works vertically
  • Pins built in ultra fibre optics
  • Rheostatic Light (Torch Type)
  • Attractive Feature: faster Sight that works mathematically and provides a best accurate result for hunting and fishing
  • 3 Bow Mounting Position
  • Tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustment feature
  • Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5
  • Price Range: Under 175

Recommend To:

  • Bow hunting user level of beginner – intermediate and professional to reach their goal.
  • To get result accurate, Trophy Ridge reacts five pin sight is unique in the market.

Features of Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

1. Unique Sights for Bows: To become a bow hunter, you need to improve your target hitting. Practice with target frame isn’t enough, also need to measure your shot skills. That’s help by using Trophy Ridge five pin sight. Its unique in brands and help to hit with a crossbow at 275 to 400 FPS speed shot. So you may understand the importance of using a bow sight. Set on the bow and arrow, draw weighs and length and mark the hit point. That’s it; sooner your skills get at the top level.

2. Both Hand Feature: If you feel comfortable to shoot by right  hand then pick Trophy Ridge sights. Black gold bow sights offer right side both shooters project tools. Choose any one which you want to make your profession. If you think to buy one and use both hands, that feature you never try. The riser can’t change so you have to decide best one before buying.

Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

3. Tool Free Advance Micro Click Adjustment: Trophy Ridge reacts to your user-friend service. It offers five sight pins which have flat feature base and size is tiny like 0.019 inches. It’s built by Ultra fibre optics. The bolts used to measure field point distance and target accuracy. Used each pin for 20 to 60 yards distance. First pins used for 20, second from 30, third from 40, fourth from 50 and fifth from 60 yards. The range works ideally by three combination – crossbow, bow sight and pins, arrow. Thinks about set up the difficulty? Then I tell you, its entirely tool-free system and more accessible to adjust. More than it works as automatic calibration. It’s a feature which improves pins sights for a long distance shot. You need to mark specific yards for specific pins. After adjust 2 pins, go little back and mark accurate point for rest pins shots.

4. Ballistix Copolymers Construction: Trophy Ridge smart pin sight as lightweight and as durable. The tool built on the sturdy material, so it's quite safe and not breakable by falling from hand. The Polymer material that secures outside dust and weather facts. Ballistix is an aluminium material which keeps tool durable. Its also feel like softer grip by Ballixtix coating. So you can use the device for a long time. My case, I applied for two years more and never get such issue. I like this bow sight.

5. Rheostat Light: In dark surface like in a forest where green leaves around or at hunting camp, the bow sight work wonderfully. I tell it from my experience point of view. Also, the pins are the light shape and that more comfortable for long yards distance shot making. Beside the rheostat has two small lights that help you to view the crossbow set up as well as measure the point.

6. 25% Lighter: You can adjust the bow sight by your crossbow or compound bow. The bows are essential for hunting and fishing. It has two feature for bow mounting – windage and elevation knob. By adjustment windage and knob, you get the best range to hit an accurate shot. 25% lighter which strengthen of aluminum and produce less vibration during set on bow.

Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

7. Trophy Ridge React V5 Analysis: I used it for two years, and I am pleased by its function and quality. I bought right-hand bow sight for my intermediate bow hunting case. The lightweight tool keeps my portability easier. Also, the function and tool-free advance feature make my practice quick and comfortable. I give the bow sight 4.5 rating out of 5.

By compare brands of a bow sight, you find Trophy Ridge at the top by its feature, quality. The price is standard for all economic users concern. Buy today and explore your hunting project.

Good Sides:

  • It used Fibre Optic on pins and made a smaller size. So this not cover your target view area.
  • High quality and technology built bow sight which keeps it durable.
  • Soft touch feature built tool for shooters.


  • Limited Warranty feature offer
  • Bow sight can break down by fall down from hand, be care full during set on the bow.


Q: Is this right-hand model?
A: Yes, this is a right handed model, and sights offer for right-handed.

Q: What is the fibre length of the pins?
A: Its length is 10 to 12 inches.

Q: Is this the five pins react technology site?
A: Yes, it comes with five pins.

Q: Which is the minimum FPS need to set for this bow?

A: 240 to 330 FPS best.


Thanks for reading Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight review. By the study and feature, you can build your hunting profession perfect. Bring the bow sight and hit accurate shots on your target.

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Is there any way to do a third axis adjustment on the Trophy Ridge React V5?


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