Uineye Laser Rangefinder Range 5 and 1600 Yards Perfect for Hunting

The rangefinder is an essential part of sporting trends. We used different ranges and functions of rangefinders. For sports like golf, archery target hunting cases, we like to use a rangefinder. It helps us to measure our target distance. Does really a rangefinder need for hunting case? In answer, your rangefinder helps two ways. One for looking toward the animal position. Second for measure distance between you an animal. Which should you select for you hunting profession? Yes, it tough to make a decision on quality made of the rangefinder. But if you want a user friend and perfect hunting project, then I recommend buying Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards brand tool. They bring Laser Rangefinder Range 5 and 1600 Yards Perfect for Hunting. It’s meet your goal and works fine during hunting session. The professional sports player always recommend the laser rangefinder. Because it made with good quality and water resistance so it durable and easy to use. The main specification is it can use from 1600 yards distance. More than 5 ranges of laser display that measure fast display at 0.33 yards accuracy.

Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards

For your golden hunting profession, you need a laser rangefinder like Uineye. It offers 3 color feature as – black, Grey and White. Each item has 11.2-ounce weight. Smart premium optics that 8x magnificent and 24mm optical object. Easy to use on the field for its quick switch for on and off. Took 20 seconds to shut down. Very productive rangefinder comes with best 1000 yard rangefinder. Archer’s choice rangefinder for its high value and standard price. To make your hunting project more accurate, bring the 5 ranges laser rangefinder. And lead a smart life.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Uineye
  • Category: Sports and Outdoor (Optics: Laser Rangefinder)
  • Dimension: 5.9*4.3*2.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces
  • Battery: 1 quantity (CR 2)
  • Accuracy measure: +/- 0.33 yards
  • Specification: Horizontal Distance Measurement Perfect For Hunting, Golf, Engineer Survey
  • 5 ranges and 1600 yards cover
  • Display View: 7 Inches
  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards

Package Set Includes:

Rangefinder (HK 1500), Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth – Wrist Strap. Also comes Carrying Case and Quick Start Guide

Recommends To:

  • The professional sports player – golfer, archery sports shooter and seasonal hunter
  • To improve sports distance perfect measurement and clear vision to meet the goal.
Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards

Features of the Uineye Laser Rangefinder

Among the brands of the rangefinder, why I recommend it to you? Because of Uineye brings original compact laser rangefinder for the users. You get multiple measurement modes of distance. Angle, height, and horizontal distance measurement. How should I know this? Because I am one of the users of Uineye rangefinder. I find out some special features during my hunting project. To select your aim Tool for your goal attaining, you need to well informed about the feature and quality. There are using tips for you:

1. Compact Rangefinder: First you have to know product quality. You have to invest standard price to effort it. For Uineye, you get original laser rangefinder. 3 color of Grey, Black and White offer for your option. The body made compact design and water resistance mode. At rainy season, outside rainwater doesn’t affect your product.

2. Lightweight: You don’t need to worry about its weight. It comes 11.2 pounds which can shift in your bow case or hunting bag.

3. User-Friendly: The dimension is 5.9*4.3*2.5 inches that make easier to hold in your hand. Suppose in hunting adventure, where you find a deer to hunt. Bring your rangefinder and set on the bow. Then look and measure range the deer standing point. Use finger to shot arrow and point on the body. Think, how could a laser rangefinder make your easy solution!. At the field, you need to switch on. Its quick on and start to measure the ranges. Also, it has belt clip and tripod socket and auto shutoff function. If you forget to off, it switches off automatically after 20 seconds. The professional likes it for best hunting rangefinder for their smart career.

Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards

4. Premium Optics: Uineye offer 8x magnificent and 24mm optical aim lens. So you get crystal vision on the target point. More than, it has 7 inches standard display. For shooting, you can focus on the target clearly. Laser rangefinder reviews from customer show that it has a low battery indicator. For its auto switch off smart function, it saves battery. Such smart and the best rangefinder for bow hunting is unique in the brands.

5. Superior Ranging Performance: It has the feature of 5 ranges and 1600 yards distance capturing. For your hunting, it helps to measure animal target body. At 0.33 yards, you get a supervision. There are many professional gets fed up with their target missing. That happening because they are not aware of range measurement. To avoid it, you need to use. It offers 8x magnificent, 7 inches display 24mm optics, 5 ranges, and 1600 yards distance. That all makes a perfect shooting on target point.

6. Multi-Layered Optics: The lens has 24mm optical that great for vision. You can also read, switching and set up meters for yards measurement. The function made with smart technology that less consume battery. With 8x feature, you able to scan the target place.

7. Archery Rangefinder Reviews and Value: The beginner and professional get their hunting and sports achievement on high. One of the best archery rangefinder that makes shooting foundation perfect. The customer like its feature and quality. They review positive and remarks it as top bow hunting rangefinders. Find any less? Above the key features, that makes one shooter to hit right zone. Today's generation like to play golf, archery target sports and hunting. Also, it likes as cheap rangefinder rather than Nikon Rangefinder. The best rangefinder under 200 makes easier to get and practice. At present, I use it and doesn’t face any problem. Also, the customer reviewed positively. To aim practice and attaining goal on the field, a laser rangefinder recommended. The Uineye Laser rangefinder is best, original and works very smartly.

Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards

Good Sides:

  • Best laser rangefinder with comparing other brands
  • Water Resistant
  • Comes to the package where include start guide to smart use
  • Battery-less consume for smart function
  • 7 inches field view display makes easy to see on target.
  • Max accuracy provide at 8x
  • Carrying case help hunter to port it easily to the field
  • Good cheap rangefinder
  • 1-year warranty


  • Under river or sea, water resistance not work
  • Price little higher but not compare with other.


Q: Does this rangefinder measure yards or in meters that I see the photos?
A: Yes, it does. You need to switch on.

Q: How long should a battery last? Does it have an auto shut off?
A: The battery is CR 2, Li-ion made. It gets durable 1 year and more.

Q: Does it come with a case?
A: Yes, with the package, you get a case for carrying.

Q: What’s the zoom?
A: You can fix 8x magnificent but no option for zoom.


In summary, like to conclude by thanking for reading Laser Rangefinder Range 5 and 1600 Yards Perfect for Hunting. Its quite cheap rangefinder for money. The customer reviews Uineye Laser Rangefinder 1600 Yards as positive. Even I also get benefited to use it. Top rangefinders that come for laser rangefinder hunting. Amazing to use and make our shooting range improve. To select the rangefinder, you definitely benefited. Black, grey and white color made tool offer 8x zoom, 7 inches display and 5 ranges of 1600 yards measurement. So you can find out the animal for your hunting. Price is also offering standard range. With compare to other brands, it's quite affordable. You can afford it and make your profession lighter. For your smart profession, buy Uineye Laser Rangefinder. Make your hunting profession with a smart tool and become a smart hunter.

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