Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows

The user likes to play archery to attain their professional goal. People want to do hunting, archery sports, and entertainment. So they need to introduce with bow and arrow. The arrow helps us to hit on target by using the bow. Form popular brands of archery arrows; Longbow makes 30 inches Arrow. Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows for sale is higher and get a possible rating from buyers. The bolts come to as green colour and feature spin at 45 to 70 Lbs. 11/32 inches diameter that perfect for an archery bow. Lightweight makes more comfortable to carry at the field with archery equipment.


Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Summit Archery Products
  • Product Name: Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows
  • Six pieces arrow of 26-30 inches
  • Colour: Green hunting arrows
  • Carbon Arrows
  • Two green and one white fletching
  • Shafts measured from inside of nocks to end of the carbon
  • The material used: carbon material
  • Fully handmade arrows
  • Bolts will be cut and inserts and installed
  • Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 75
Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows


Best Fit For:

Archery sports player, hunting practice cases good support

Feature of Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows

Buck buster arrows are suitable for all generation archery service. Lightweight makes more comfortable to carry, use and set with a bow. Arrow target practice case, it helps fully. The feature is noted down in below:

1. No Shape Feature: The arrow body works with carbon material arrow shafts. It contributes to good performance and easy to use.

2. Speedy: The wooden arrows made with turkey feather and cedar. The shaft that dipped with three coats lacquer, con moisture, insects. Besides the arrows with broadhead has 125 grain. It was easy to nock to make the shape and indexed with Bohning. 2 green and one white fletching gateway in total six arrows that adds 350 spines. By this, it’s easy to set and shot on target

3. Great Carbon Arrows for bow hunting: The arrows made in handmade. The body works wood shaft and cedar. By hitting, it not break down or not damages by the target body. Moreover, producer use turkey feather, stainless steel and plastic in the body. Which get strong and durable. Beside wooden arrows has spine feature at 55-70 Lbs. When shooting on target, it spine 350 which attach with the goal.

4. Carbon Arrows for Sale: The user can practice the victory archery buck buster arrows with compound bow arrow. It’s suitable and perfect for almost all wooden bow and arrow. The feature made in concern of user practice support. For this, hunter or sports archers can use the arrows for their profession. Wooden arrow shafts for sale is also higher and attracted the new generation of archers.

Good Sides: 
  • Six pieces of carbon arrows well for practice
  • Fit on compound bows and crossbow
  • Durable and portable
  • 125 grains broadhead for nocks
  • Easy to use
  • Low hand shock with good speed


  • Without broadhead, the arrow not best for hunting
  • The arrowheads not easy to pull out from the target


Q: What is the total weight of the 30” bolts?
A: The arrow weight does not determine by the producer.

Q: Is it right for hunting?
A: Yes, but only with broadheads.

Q: Will the nocks on these arrows fit on 16 string bowstring?
A:  Yes, but you need to dip the nocks in heat water for seconds and use angle finger outward.

Q: Can I use the arrow with 40 lbs. Recurve bow?

A:  Yes, you can.


In the circumstance, Summit Archery developed Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows comes for today’s generation if archers service. It helps the beginner as well as an expert to grow up their professional skill. Bring light target arrow for keep practice ongoing for next seasonal goal achievement.

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