Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

Archery target is one of the traditional and accessible formats. The shooter and hunter specially build up their career in the composition. So they need various tools and equipment. To keep good target measurement, they well known about a rangefinder. Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Rangefinder comes to make your job easier. Yellow and black colour mixed tool offer LCD panel to measure the actual target point distance. The display provides a 6x zoom measurement feature. Also, halo xrt6 laser rangefinder provides switch modes for a clear vision of target. Halo xrt 500 rangefinder is one of the great tools which easier to carry and many users like it as best binoculars for long distance. If you are searching an ideal rangefinder, then Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder is perfect for you. Waterproof laser finder gives you joy to best use at field point.


Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer: Wild Game Innovations
  • Model No: Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder
  • Halo xrt 500 rangefinder
  • Dimension: 2.5*5*4 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Battery Chamber
  • Customer rating: 4.3 out of 5


Special Specification:

  • Internal and External LCD Display Panel
  • Two measurement switch mode to quick handling and measurement target distance.


Recommend to:

  • Shooter and Hunter for their high level of the profession
  • Any season can it use at field point.

Features of Wild Game Innovations Rangefinder

Sports lover especially the archery target professionals introduced with the laser rangefinder. Laser rangefinder binoculars are a very productive tool. Wildgame innovations halo rangefinder reviews

help shooter and hunter profession. It doesn’t matter about which level of the user, expert, and beginner. They can smartly handle the tool. Yellow body colour body has a small size of LCD panel. The scan mode works better in a field job. The present user finds out some light features in this tool. For your buying tips, functions noted in below:

1. Powerful Wild Game Innovations Rangefinder: A rangefinder is always unique for the professionals. Wild game innovations rangefinder is top rated in the market. It has an LCD panel to measure distance. At field point, you can identify

  • Actual Distance
  • Horizontal Distance
  • The height of the target point
  • Angle
  • Vertical separation

2. LCD Display Panel: The customer gets a fan of Wild Game Innovations. Because Wild Game Innovations provides external and Internal LCD Display panels. You also like the tool. It helps to measure target distance.

3. Water Resistant: Thanks, Wild Game Innovations to develop it as water resistant. The customer gets to enjoy to use at every season. No rainwater can affect it outside. More than the battery chamber also water resistant. So no water can damage the rangefinder.

Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

4. Value of the High Eyepoint Laser Distance Finder: High-quality build 6x monocular with a multilayer coating feature offers easy eye view. The user can view with glass. The front glass also looks crystal clear. So everything seems fine to measure an ideal target. A featureful wild game innovations halo xrt range finder 250 prices also offered quite a low rate. Remember this operated by battery function. So you can smartly use and handle anywhere. A smart user like the rangefinder to build up their golden profession.

In the feature part, hope the information helps you to find your niche laser rangefinder.

Good Sides: 

  • Two measurement Mode to clear view near and far targets
  • Three feature of measurement point monitor at external LCD panel
  • Powerful multi-use tool
  • Top rated and cheap price offer.
  • Water resistant


  • Price is not cheapest by comparing with another rangefinder
  • Water resistant at the field but not under the water


Q: Does it measure the speed of a moving distance?
A: It only measures distance.

Q: Can this measures the degree of the target?
A: Yes, it has horizontal distance feature enable. It has angle measurement which can also measure degree.

Q: Can this measure distance less than 33 ft?
A:  Yes, it can measure 33 ft. Distance.


In the circumstances, I like to thanks, Wild Game Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder for their great innovation. A binocular which make for a smart user like you. High quality, eye visibility with glasses make your easy use. For your profession, you need to access the rangefinder to make your job colourful.

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