Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows

The USA manufactured Wizard introduce smart targeting arrows for the young generation. They choose it for archery shooting and hunting. To become an ideal shooter, targeting arrows like Wizard works better. It works with compound, recurve and longbow. Also, these are necessary instruments for orientation. Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows is classic and popular brands which offer one dozen bolts for archery shooters. That’s helpful for practice for a long time in a training session. One of the best shafts in the market that’s offer collared plastic fletching & nocks, pickle-plated stainless steel bullet tip perfect for target practice with safety minded. Makes 40-60 Lbs draw weight and 1.1 pounds weight – it’s an ideal combination for bow shooting. Need only to spend 50-70 range to develop your target skill management.

 Product Description:

  • Manufactured By: Wizard
  • Model Name: Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows
  • Body Frame: Fiberglass Grade has 60 weight draw feature
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Replaceable screw-in stainless steel field point feature
  • Set Comes: 1 Dozen
  • Customer Review Rating: 3.7 out of 5

 Recommend To: 

  • The aim Hunting Professionals to develop their target shooting skill
  • The Novice gets joy to shoot for quick set up and shoot.
Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows

Features of Wizard 28 inches Hunting Arrows

To make your hunting profession smarter, you need stylish arrows like Wizard Brand. Wizard, 28 inches arrow, develop your skill with good hunting bows. The customer reviews the indicator positive for recurve bow hunting. 3.7 rating feedbacks come from their user experience. Some light features notes written in below for buying your tips:

1. Fibreglass Targeting Arrows: Fiberglass made 28 inches arrow can touch the head or upper part. It supports recurve and longbow. Before the shoot, it's better to mark 1 inch the front part of bow it held the arrow rest part. If you draw the bow before setting the pointer, you can measure the target well.

2. Replaceable: Good news, Wizard offer 28 inches fibreglass Hunting firebolt Arrows can be replaceable. Screw-in tips provide the shooter to release smoothly and efficiently without force. If the arrow damages, it can be replaced.

3. Good For Longbows: The professionals used to with recurve and longbow. If you look for setting up your skill as an allrounder, then Wizard 28 inches Arrow is your ideal niche. AAE plastic vanes include for firebolt nice shooting. Quality fibreglass shafts easy to fit on bows. 26, 28 and 30 inches – pack, pick any size and set on bows for stylish shooting.

4. Perfect For Freshers: Every Professional grow up their skill from a novice level. When you start up a career in hunting an animal, you find them to use. Soonner, you will be expert because of all bow you can utilise this arrow. The compound, recurve and longbow – everything support by one bolt. The shaft both sides are nock shape. Which ideally to use for shooting from all bows. So you need to insert and ready to fire.

5. Extraordinary Durability: For your beginning journey, you can trust the Wizard brand arrow. Stainless steel made arrows great to practice or hunt at field point. So seasonal impact does not occur on the body frame. You get a durable arrow which can support a long time.

6. Value of The Hunting Arrow: Wizard is branded organisation offer 26-34 inches different sizes of hunting arrows. In their 28 inches premium, you able to use all bows with this arrow. 12 quantity enable to practice long. You can extend it too. 3.1 rated product offer low price in concern of every archery target lovers.

Good Sides:

  • Practice arrow with best recurve bow in the world
  • Stainless steel with fibreglass made shaft keep durable
  • Screw in tips easy to release from the target and also replaceable
  • Fits all arrow rest
  • Affordable Price offer


  • Compound Bows are not ideal to use to shoot with arrows. Because of its flight inappropriately


Q: Can these tips remove?
A: Yes, you can remove the tips.

Q: Will this break if use compound bow?
A: No, The arrows built in healthy and good quality made. The problem is to use a compound bow. Because it not flies appropriately and shot not measure the target point.


In the circumstances, thanks for joining our site. Ours analyse on Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows to show you a better hunting level. We ensure Wizard arrows as better, durable, replaceable and extendable. Novice or expert, you get most joy to use. From reading the features part, it provides you useful information as buying tips. Also, make your product selection more straightforward. More than Wizard is a brand organisation who offer excellent service. To make your hunting profession brighter, buy the Wizard targeting arrows and make your life beautiful.

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