Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target

Target practicing gives joy the shooter as well as hunters. It’s a trend of archery sports which comes generation to generation. Morrell is one of the top best archery target provider for a long time. Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target brings by Morrell. Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target used the highest quality of the material. At field point, the shooter can use with bow and arrow. Multi-layered design with 38 layers which provide superb shooting power. E-z tote as black color feature and 12.3 pounds weight which make easier to carry and shift. 100% weatherproof target offer price under 50! To analyses, its performance can look at customer review and ratings. 4.3 rating achieved already the light feature from the customers. One of the top target which comes with a budget, quality, and performance.

Morrell Yellow Jacket 19 Pound Portable Stinger Adult Field Point Archery Bag Target with 2 Shooting Sides, 10 Bullseyes, and Handle, Yellow M-88
  • ARCHERY BAG TARGET: Field point archery target bag designed to take your skills to the next level; 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 20 inches tall
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES: Easy arrow removal simplifies the process, allowing the whole family to have fun outdoors
  • PORTABLE: E-Z tote carrying handle simplifies the transportation and on-the-go process; Weather-resistant surface makes getting outdoors a no-brainer
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: 2 shooting sides and 10 bullseyes provide the versatility you need to get tournament ready
  • DURABLE DESIGN: X-Tended life design and IFS technology for long-lasting, quality performance; 38 Layers of arrow stopping power gives you the durability necessary for training hard

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Morrell
  • Product Name: Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target
  • Model No: 1003669
  • Weight: 12.3 Pounds
  • Dimension: 20*23*12 inches
  • Material: Burlap high-quality material used
  • Color: Yellow-Black Body and Red-Black Target Points
  • Specification: Multi-layered density design with 38 layers
  • Ez totes at top
  • Easy arrow remove the feature
  • Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5
  • Made in: USA
Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target

Best Fit on:
The archery sports and hunting professionals to practice well at outdoor field point. It offers field trips to practice with bow and arrow and improves shooting skills.

Features of Yellow Jacket Target

Morrell Target brings for the sports and hunters smart service. The professional, as well as the new user, like to buy Morrell yellow jacket target. Because it helps them to practice from long yard distance like 30 to 50 range. Besides this, some key features come for glorious practice as:

• Patented bright yellow color target exterior which used top quality material
• Red Aiming 4 Points
• Use crossbow and compound bow with arrows to hit on target
• 38 layers which consist multi-layered density design. It enables to stop hitting arrows speedy power.
• Internal frame system technology used – so it grabs the arrow smoothly. So with speed hitting arrows, the body not damaged and mark little hole. After hitting, shooter able to release an arrow from the body without any force

Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target

• 100% weatherproof guaranteed by yellow jacket archery target. At rainy, winter and other seasons, practice without stress at field point with joy.
• E-z black color totes help the user to carry smartly, place at the field and hang at home after practice.
• Field tips offer yellow jacket bow target. At-large field, the shooter can practice with Morrell yellow jacket crossbow target. The adult can use 30 or more yards range. Children can use 10 plus yards for their primary stage shooting practice.

Who Needs Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target?

a) Who loves archery target as entertainment, sports, and hunting job
b) Low Budget to get a high quality made target
c) To gift a friend, relative and even a family member who interested in this field
d) The expert and new professionals like it internal frame system technology. It keeps the arrow from the internal part with foam quality type instrument. Foam archery targets get durable.
e) Deer archery target for the hunters.
f) Morrell's yellow jacket supreme target – similar product. It helps to practice at-large field and practice from a longer distance.
g) Worthy price rate that an effort by all economic range users.

Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target

Good Sides:

• Lightweight target
• 100% weatherproof
• Multi-layered density design works to provide speed arrows can stop.
• 4 aiming red points with easy eye visibility.
• Cheap price offer


Recurve Bow doesn’t support
• The target is doesn’t include a bag
• The one tote of handles can’t make good balance during transportation. Because it's too thin, need little improvement.

Q: Can this strong enough and support thousands of shots practice daily?
A: Yes, the targetable to stand strong and superb power to stopping arrows. You can practice 1000 arrow shots on the target.

Q: Is it a bag or target?
A: This is actual target.

Q: What weight to draw or suitable for this target?
A: With a crossbow, like Excualiver you can draw weight at 50-60Lbs. with a longbow, it's better to draw 60 lbs. for 20 yards.

Q: Will this work for a crossbow shooting at 350 FPS?
A: Yes, that’s good enough but my friend tries at 450 FPS. 300 to 400 FPS with a crossbow is better for this target.

Q: Can this target use for throwing knives?
A: No, that affects layer body. It's better to practice with arrows.


Morrell brings light Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Target for today’s smart generation. Its offer cheap rate and high-quality material product. 38 layer used the internal frame to the stopped crossbow and compound bow type high-speed shot. More than it protects the body. Use at any season and get engaged in practice. Buy the lightweight target to become a smart shooter.

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