Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target

Yo Buddy brings new stylish Archery target for shooters. Especially for hunters, that offer Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target. Why it's different? The killer uses it for deer or buck hunting project. Made of foam that’s keep it high durable after thousands of shots of the arrow. Besides its only 8 pounds where a 3D buck target has 25 to 35 pounds weight. It's a 3D deer target that stands strong by its firm ground stand. For shooters smart carry, offer blue-white mix totes on top. Use one hand to port.

Are you a fresher in archery hunting profession? Then Yo Buddy deer target for you. It specially designed impulse target for your ideal practice. Target archery represent actual size for training. Beside its designed like a 3D deer body where a professional used to hit to kill a deer. You can identify the mark and placed arrow anatomically. After the hit, pull out smoothly from ultra self-healing foam. It offers tow benefit – one; it keeps your target durable, don’t tear up after hit arrow and pull out time. Second is, you need to the additional stake for holding it firm stand. It can support 250 to 320 FPS speed shots. That’s support and not fall on the ground.

Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target (8-Pounds/14.25-Inch x 12-Inch x 27-Inch, Brown)
  • Will not tip over under normal shooting conditions.
  • This portable target is only 8 pounds
  • Made completely of foam and will not damage arrows.
  • Target represents actual size of game animal.
  • Anatomically correct for proper arrow placement.

Your profession can be brighter by Yo Buddy deer archery target. You need to invest 60 to 100 price range. Take hunting bow and set proper weight with length to hit four sides of the target, also offer field points and broadhead. I tell you, your investment never gone worst!

Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target

Yo Buddy Target Information:

  • Brand Name: Yo Buddy
  • Target Name: Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target
  • Pattern: Impulse Target
  • Model No: LB
  • Dimension: 5.6*4.7*6.7 inches
  • Weight: 9.9 Pounds
  • Material: Ultra Self Healing Foam
  • Specification: Totes on top
  • Anatomically correct arrow placement
  • Four side shooting
  • Accept broadhead and field points
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Import: USA
Bestseller No. 1
Yo Buddy Archery Targets Mule Deer Target
  • Light Weight Made from Self Healing Ultra Foam Completely Portable Needs No Stake or Prop for Support 3 & 4 Side Shooting Broadhead or Field Point
  • Adapt to any Terrain Made Completely of Foam & will not Damage Arrows Easy Arrow Pull Easy Tote Handle Target Represents Actual Size of Game Animal
  • Will Not Tip Over Under Normal Shooting Condition
  • Mule Deer Target
Bestseller No. 2
Yo Buddy Archery Targets Little Mule Deer HD Target
  • H17in W12in d14.25in W8#
  • Completely portable needs no Stake or Prop for support Adapt to any Terrain
  • Broadhead or field point acceptable
  • Target represents Actual size of Game Animal
  • Vital area for shot placement are visible great target to teach shot placement to beginners Bow hunters Actual practice on what you hunt
Bestseller No. 3
BIGSHOT Real Wild 3D Mule Deer Target
  • Easy arrow removal for high speed crossbows and compounds up to 500fps
  • Scaled to replicate a 200 lb Mule deer with great features
  • Weather resistant coating
  • Suited for broadheads or field points
  • Mid section replacment section offers more value
Bestseller No. 4
BIGSHOT Real Wild 3D Doe Deer and Trophy Whitetail Bag Archery Target Backyard Combo
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Backyard combo is ideal preseason practice
  • Life size deer
  • Solid foam legs
  • Suitable set up for boradheads and field tips
SaleBestseller No. 6
Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Guns - 5 Targets & 3 Game Modes Digital Scoring Auto Reset Targets for Shooting Practice Toys, Ideal Gifts for Kids, Teens, Boys and Girls (2020 Updated Edition)
  • ♦【2020 Most Creative Shooting Target】: Have 5 targets! Compared with the other 4 targets, 5 targets can bring you a more powerful game pleasure. More targets, more fun! With 3 LED display screens to display game rounds, scores, countdowns, compared with monotonous score counting, the exciting challenge is more interesting. 3 game modes take you to enjoy the fun of shooting games. You can choose the solo & loop modes when you are alone. Choose multi-player-mode with family and friends.
  • ♦【Solo Mode】: Turn on the power button, press Mode 1, and the red light are on to enter the solo mode. The full score is 99 In this mode. After all 5 targets are knocked down, the target will pop up automatically and have GOOD sound effects. You can enjoy shooting training and Improve your shooting skills & shooting accuracy. Each hit will flash red light, meanwhile, you will hear simulated gunshots and broken glass sound effects, giving you a real shooting experience.
  • ♦【Loop Mode】: When Mode 2 is selected, the indicator light will turn green to enter loop mode, knock down the target 50 times as a cycle. At the end of the round, the screen shows the final data, which returns to 00 after 10 seconds. The targets automatically rise and enter the next cycle. The biggest charm of shooting games is that they are very challenging. Take your gun and start enjoying the fun of shooting. Suitable for Nerf series bullets and various soft bullets, water bullets, etc.
  • ♦【Multi-Mode】: Press Mode 3, the indicator light turns blue to enter multi-player mode. Players have 10 secs of preparation time. Player A will start the game when the READY GO is issued. He will have 3 consecutive chances, each counting down 120 secs. The cumulative score, after the 3 rounds, the score on the screen is the final score of Player A. Then press the Mode 3 button again to start the game for Player B. The higher scores will be the winner.
  • ♦【Perfect Gift for Kids】: Electronic shooting targets can increase physical exercise more than video games without hurting the eyes. Best gift for kid's birthday & Christmas. This gift includes a Shooting Target ×5, Target base ×1, Screwdriver ×1, Instruction ×1. (Note: AA batteries are not included. No Guns ) If your digital scoring target fails to meet your expectations, please contact us and we will be happy to replace or refund you.
Bestseller No. 7

Features of Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target

  • To orient, a fresher trained adequately in hunting with a new feature target.
  • The professional stay connect seasons after the season to keep fit for next level hunting
  • Recommend to hunting professional who has high aim to become an expert hunter. Anatomically fix arrow and experiment to hit from different angles from four sides of the target. Also, it does not fall abruptly after hitting by crossbow.
  • Yo Buddy makes your training session lighter. The foam body makes easier to pull out the arrow and keep your job ongoing.

What You Not Likes?

  • Thousands of shots affect little target face, make little tear up.
  • Weather resistant feature not mentioned. The manufacturer needs to add the functionality.

What Benefited You?

  • Save money, don’t need to buy the stake for ground standing
  • Field points and broadhead feature includes – which is essential for training.
  • Set 400 grain on the arrow
  • The bolts don’t penetrate too much so you can pull out from foam target quite easily
  • Cheap price rate offer


Q: Can it be used with a crossbow?
A: Yes, from my perspective, I used for many times. You can also use a compound bow – because it designed for hunting professional. The bows are specially used for hunting so you can stress-free to explore with them.

Q: Is it for shooting broadhead?
A: I don’t recommend, it can affect on target.


Yo Buddy Lil Buddy Deer Archery Target is not the unique target but also skilled up like a smart shooter. It can save you money, you don’t need to fuel cost for transport the target and don’t need to buy the stake. If your ambition is expert level, then buy Yo buddy target. Its make your hunting training sensational by a short period.

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